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ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment and Balanced Moisturizer

By ApHogee


Size: 1 oz.
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The ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment and Balanced Moisturizer repairs seriously damaged and dry hair.


ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment and Balanced Moisturizer
ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment and Balanced Moisturizer

Additional Information

  • Use for hair that is:
  • Too weak or fine to take a perm or relaxer
  • Will not hold color
  • Is over bleached
  • Breaks when combed or brushed
  • Is mushy when wet and brittle after drying

This unique treatment is formulated with magnesium and modified proteins which fuse into the hair with the application of heat. The result is that breakage is drastically reduced. During the process, ApHogee treatment hardens into the hair, dramatic evidence that something special is occurring. Restores lost moisture and hair becomes more manageable, flexible and strong. Breakage and split ends stop while hair looks and feels better.
For best results a hooded dryer is required.
ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment and Balanced Moisturizer 4.6 5 47 47
Life Saver! Well, let's just say my hair was a hot mess. I natural have dark brown hair wavy/curly hair. And I dyed at red at least 15 time to get the desired red color I wanted. My hair was damaged but not as bad as it after I bleached it. I decided to bleach my hair 6 time back to back. ( WORST MISTAKE EVER) Then dyed it pink. After the that color rinsed put I didn't really take care my and continued to dye my hair. My hair after taking a break was very frizzy, dry/brittle. I shed about a hand full of hair everytime I would comb/ brush it. I tried different shampoos, treatments, everything and nothing worked like this did. It has kind of a weird smell in the first packet but it's worth it. My hair feels so much softer and thicker. I LOVE THIS. It really did save my hair. January 3, 2014
Exactly What My Hair Needed This is my new favorite thing to help fix my damaged hair. Ive been looking for a product for a year now that could fix my hair from root to tip. Ive tried keratin conditioners, oil treatments, co washing, wen, and nothing helped my hair. I noticed as soon as i washed it out of my hair, that it felt stronger and not rough on the ends! Needless to say I was beyond happy. I feel so much more confident now. If this can fix my hair that been bleached about 5 times, it can fix yours. February 24, 2013
Decent I recently fried my hair by over bleaching/lightening to get my yellow hair to white platinum blonde (which I have yet to achieve.) My hair was so fried it started to curl on its OWN after washing and drying with a hair dryer. I couldn't even get a brush through it. Breaking off like no ones business; i looked like a poodle that hasn't seen a groomer in years It was that BAD! So I reviewed the previous reviews and thought what could it hurt? This was supposed to be for breakage which I clearly had. So I gave it a shot. The 1st pack stinks! The smell is horrible but its nothing that isn't manageable. You shake up the packet to mix everything, then saturate your hair all over. I have bra line length hair and 1 packet barely covered everything. After its saturated, it starts to become very sticky and its easy to pull and tangle your hair if you don't use caution. Then you blow dry your hair with a dryer. This makes it very stiff - like you have used gel and it tells you do not touch it at all during this process. once it is dry you then can rinse it out and put on step 2 which is just a conditioner that you leave in for 2 minutes and rinse. After this whole process it did help my hair, but I still have breakage - BUT not as much. So I would say maybe 2 runs at this would work better if you have hair like mine, but if your hair is not as bad then 1 time should be just fine. January 16, 2013
Amazing So lets start off with smell: going on it smells odd, however after washing off I smelt a floral smell. On to brushing: Before treatment clumps with over 15 hairs would fall out of my head just sitting not touching it all day long every 30 mins to the fact I have bald patches, after treatment(wet hair) 3 hairs came out. After blow dry none came out. On to ends of hair before very thin and stringy like a bad extension, after just as full maybe fuller than roots, Texture before: when dry-very course when rubbed together sounded like loud crackling leaves. when wet very mushy. After treatment when dry very very silky( 1c frizzy yaki light texture-white femle)When wet still soft silky can comb thru easy. 8 day review after 1 trial treatment on shoulder length thin to med hair. I did do a condioning treatment with a samy conditioner 2 times on ends only. Hair ends still sound dry. Overall hair is in 100x's better apperance. I do know I need more treatments. As the trial was not enough to cover my hair thus why I did 2 condition treatments which I could have gone with out and opted for another protien treatment. I do have some breakage when I run my fingers thru my hair maybe 1x's a day and I touch my hair almost every 20 mins. As far as my normal fall out has went from 200 plus hairs a day to less then 20 this includes when i comb. After use I blew my hair out with a comb as I dont own a round brush and cant do a blow out to save my life but omg the lift shinyness and fullness which lasted 24 hours even after i slept on it. The next day I reblew it out and went about my day. OMG this products amazing. Background: Ive been dying and bleaching my hair for 16 years straight at home. Ive blown dry my hair for 4 years straight and straight ironed for 12 years straight. My hair will no longer turn back to its red color instead when roots grow out its a light brown(#6) with grayish dirty tint. Lately I just noticed gray hairs at 27. Since use theyre gone. I will need another treatment immediatly due to damage of hair. Will reupdate after those. November 1, 2012
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