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Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector

Color Brilliance By Ion


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Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector gently removes permanent hair color.


Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector
Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector

Additional Information

  • Must rinse with 10 vol. developer following application, not included
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • For all oxidation dyes
  • Non bleach formula
  • Gentle

Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector for Permanent Dyes is a non-bleach formulation that gently removes permanent hair color. Will not lift or deteriorate the natural condition of the hair. Use for a slight color correction or for a color change.
If the hair has previously been colored with permanent hair color then an application of Ion® Color Corrector should first be done. Remember tint won't lift tint.
Ion® Color Corrector is the safe choice for removing permanent hair color. Easy to use for minimal to moderate color removal. Unique formula works by reducing the size of the artificial color molecules so they can be easily rinsed from the hair.
Use Ion Color Brilliance Color Corrector only as directed. Avoide contact with the eyes.
See package insert for usage direction.
  • Must rinse with 10 vol. developer following application, not included
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Met Expectaitions I had dyed my hair aqua and purple with ion brights and needed to get it out for school. I tried rinsing with vinegar (a home method from the internet), which took the purple out, but not all of the blue. I then attempted to dye my hair brown in order to get the rest out, but it ended up just turning green. This product had the best reviews, and after talking to the lady at the store, she told me that it might not all come out, but it would take a lot of it out. She also recommended doing it a second time. Anyways, I was expecting a bad smell, but not this horrific. I mean, it's okay once you stop gagging, and I've had worse smelling dyes. This completely took the brown out of my hair and took a lot of the green out. There's still a few streaks, but my hair is mostly back to its natural color of blonde. I didn't use the scalp cream you're supposed to rinse your hair with, but I don't think that would've made much of a difference. Overall I would recommend buying this. It did almost exactly what I was expecting, and it's supper cheap, so if you have to do it again, it would cost the same as a normal kit, but doesn't damage your hair. I just hope the smell leaves my hair soon. Also, when washing it out, I would recommend using a shampoo not meant for colored hair. I used my brothers man shampoo and I think that made a difference. I hope this helped, good luck! August 10, 2014
It works on soft black hair! I was bleaching my hair to an almost white shade prior to going with a soft black. Why did I do that? Well I have three kids and touching up my roots and bleaching was not easy to keep up with. Most of the time my hair shade was right, but I gave up. Boo me!! Okay. SO I dyed my hair black. YIKES! It was okay to say the least. But some how not all my hair dyed. I have short hair. It was 1-2 inches above my shoulder at that time. I have a bob cut. I bought this because I figured I would try anything. I bought one box for my thick hair. It is at or below my shoulders by about an inch. (Bob cut, short in the back). I followed the directions. I left it on my hair for 25 minutes. I washed/rinsed about 5 times. Followed by the Ion 10 creme. My hair was awfully dry and just icky feeling. I deep conditioned twice. My hair is no longer black. It isn't as light as I had hoped. It is a brown color. Not a bad color. But I will be bleaching it soon. I had too high of expectations of course. It did lighten 3 shades. The smell was not as bad as everyone complains. It was a little harsh. But dyes are worse. July 30, 2014
THOROUGH REVIEW& TIPS!!!~~ Okay, quick backstory of my situation prior to using this product: I have colored my hair since I was 13, roughly 10 years now. Most recently, as of 4 months (which is about a record for me as far as maintaining a color without the urge to tear it all down and start anew) I have been a redhead. Now, I was born a redhead and since I started my hair dying journey I always had this idea of the 'perfect' red shade but went with browns or blondes, even black several times *sigh*. Since my hair had been blonde prior to going red, I had highlights and lowlights and I knew it wouldn't be totally even but I wanted more of a natural effect anyways. Well, due to my porous ends I had to go Demi and it naturally came out much darker or unnatural looking as Demi shades are scarce at my local Sallys as far as Ion brand goes. I started at 6rc but it just looked pinky. I always long for a 'natural' color so I then started picking other Ion shades and mixed them with 10 vol developer as a way to create my own Demi dyes and ended up with just an unflattering Medium Intense Red that without direct light hitting it looked lik 6rv #Red Burgundy#. Not for me. I stumbled upon this Ion Corrector with the intention of my hair lightening up enough so I could dye it a strawberry blondish color. Before I go on to my results, I want to list some tips/supplies you will need for this process in case you're unsure. 1. Buy more than one box if you're doubtful, i have shoulder length hair, asymmetrical bob cut but with layers therefore it was enough for me to use one with plenty to saturate. Do not hesitate. You can always return if unused and you'd rather have it there then ratchet looking hair. 2. BUY 10 VOL DEVELOPER, it IS in the instruction packet INSIDE the box but nowhere on the outside so BUY IT. 3. You will need gloves, a non metallic mixing bowl, a deep conditioner and most of all, PATIENCE as you are rinsing your hair 4 + times. Please listen to me: if you DO NOT shampoo your hair at least 4 times, the color WILL reoxidize and you will be angry and worse off than you were to begin with. same goes for rinsing with developer after you shampoo a thousand times. ITS CRUCIAL because it stabilizes the left over molecules letting you know if you need to process again or whatever. TRUST ME, I did Color Oops once, thought I shampooed enough and after TWO DAYS my hair darkened back up in an uneven, hideous way. 4. During application process, I separated sections of my hair with my hand #starting at bottom and going up until I got to my crownular area# and COMB through with plastic comb to ensure even deposit of color. All said and done, I processed for 20 min as directed, and now have a orangey blonde hair color. Granted it's not what I want and not natural but definitely removed all the color I'd packed on. DEMI COLOR included which the instructions say it won't. oh& as for the smell that everyone is griping about. Yes, it smells. I coughed a couple times but stay diligent. I mean honestly, when does any product applied to alter hair color ever smell good? I have one word for those of you concerned: Febreeze. July 6, 2014
Best color remover I was skeptical about which type of color remover I should use until I came across this amazing product. When I was 13 I had bleached red hair that I would dye over with black permanent hair dye to get rid of the red. After a year or 2 which I am currently almost 16, of not dying it black anymore, I decided to go burgundy. I had burgundy hair for months until I decided to change my color. I wanted a brown color on my hair and knew that I wasn't able to achieve it because of the many times I've put permnant box dyes on top of the bleached red hair I had before. I knew I had to use something that wasn't bleach to strip out all of the colors I had. When I bought this product, the price was really good. I went home and thought this product wouldn't fit all of my hair but surprisingly it did. I applied it two times but fair warning, it smells pretty bad. I was able to survive the smell and after doing the process application two times, I achieved the color I wanted without having to buy a dye. My hair came out a really nice brown and got many compliments. My expectation of how much hair dye it would take off wasn't as great until I rinsed it off. I also used a 10 volume developer as mentioned in the instructions to make my hair a little lighter I guess but this product really works and I highly recommend it for someone who is need of a color remover for a great price. June 21, 2014
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