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L'Oreal Feria Professional Haircolor Reddish Blonde

Feria By L'Oreal


Size: 2.4 oz.
Quantity: One
Color: 7.66 Sunlit Dark Reddish Blonde
Sally Item # SBS-500209

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L'Oreal Feria Professional Permanent Haircolor gives shimmering highlights and lowlights in one single application!


L'Oreal Feria Professional Haircolor Reddish Blonde
L'Oreal Feria Professional Haircolor Reddish Blonde



  • 7.66 Sunlit Dark Reddish Blonde,rgb&qlt=85,1&op_sharpen=1&resMode=bicub&op_usm=0.9,1.0,4,0&iccEmbed=0

Additional Information

  • Shimmering highlights and lowlights in one single application
  • 25-minute automatic color processing
  • Superb shine and conditioning

L'Oreal Feria Professional Permanent Haircolor's twenty-five minute automatic color processing makes it easy to use and the no drip, no-run gel formula makes application a snap. Crystal Pure Tone Technology ensures unsurpassed tonal variation and translucency.


L'Oreal Feria Professional Permanent Haircolor delivers shimmering highlights and lowlights in one single stage application with superb shine and conditioning.


*Feria professional was not created specifically for gray coverage, and certain shades are not recommended on predominantly gray hair
Mixing Instructions: 1 part hair color (2.4 oz) to 1 part of the following developer (2.4 oz): Feria Multi Tone Developer for shade levels 1 - 8. Feria Multi-Tone Developer Plus for shade levels 9 - 10


L'Oreal Feria Professional Permanent Haircolor is for professional use only.
Use L'Oreal Feria Professional Permanent Haircolor with specific Feria Multi-Tone Developers that are fully stabilized for consistent, dependable results.
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I slowly went red for 2 years. I started out with Superior Preference Medium Auburn and then switched to this color. Though I love it, I do have a couple of concerns. #1, the color booster is very staining and strong and hard to get rid of once it's on you or anything else. So be aware of this beforehand. #2, after awhile, it sort of "bleaches" your hair and starts fading faster and faster. So you end up in about 3 weeks with this brassy almost blonde color and have to recolor again. The thing is, once I decided to go back to brunette, I had to keep retouching the "bleached" part of my hair with a darker shade. I think I've now corrected this. Red is the fastest to fade and the hardest to get rid of. I knew this going in, so be aware that though this is a good shade, it's highly staining, very messy, and bleaches your hair over time. However, the color when fresh is stunning and very noticeable with lots of compliments. July 14, 2014
I have used other shades of Feria in the past with no problem. After using this color in the True Reds series, I am very displeased. The color does NOT look like it does on the box, and is quite uneven. I have been dying my hair every 4-5 weeks for years and have never had a hair dye this inconsistent. I will for certain not be trying a True Reds again. July 12, 2014
My hair was a blonde shade and this turned it BLACK no tints of red anything!!!! Terrible I would not recommend and I want my money back! June 23, 2014
I have never used this brand, but I bought it because my usual was not available. I figured since it was the same color, it would be okay. I've never had a problem with my hair or skin reacting to hair color, and I don't have sensitive skin, but about 5 minutes after application, this was burning my scalp. I tried ignoring it and let it sit for the full developing time. Even as I was rinsing it off it was burning. However, the color came out great. I was happy with that. But it didn't last long. By about the end of the second week the color had completely faded and now it looks like I hadn't even colored my hair at all. It's safe to say that I will not be purchasing this product again. June 20, 2014
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