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N Rage Mix N Go Hair Color System Intense Purple

By N Rage


Quantity: One
Color: Purple
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N' Rage Mix N' Go Hair Color System lifts and deposits new color in one step.


N Rage Mix N Go Hair Color System Intense Purple
N Rage Mix N Go Hair Color System Intense Purple



Additional Information

  • Lifts and deposits color in one step
  • No pre-bleaching needed
  • Long-lasting results

N 'Rage Mix N' Go One Step Bleach and Color System is so unique it's patented! With just a little heat and a little time, you can change any hair color into brilliant red, blue, purple or pink without prebleaching.


Use it on blondes, brunettes or just about anybody and you’ll see colors like you’ve never seen before. The secret is in the color packet and its special activator solution. When the two are combined with a little heat, natural haircolor is prelightened and colored in one step. Processing may take as little as 15 minutes (depending on hair color & type of hair).


Kit contains: One .5 oz. color/bleach packet, one 1 oz. N' Rage activator, gloves, mixing bowl, spatula, hook brush and instructions.
The patented one step haircolor system is a combination of unique ingredients which prelighten natural haircolor as it deposits brilliant, bright and dazzling color. Each .5oz packet of N' Rage one step haircolor must be mixed with the special 1 oz. N' Rage activator.


The application should always be 1/4" off the scalp and can be done either by painting, weaving or pulling through a frosting cap. Cover the hair with plastic or foil to prevent the mixture from drying out.


ALWAYS PROCESS WITH HEAT. This product requires heat to achieve brilliant color. Depending on the natural haircolor process for fifteen minutes with heat. For medium to dark haircolor process for thrity minutes with heat.


Allow to cool for five minutes. Cool rinse. Shampoo. That's all there is to achieving incredible haircolor.