AGEbeautiful anti-aging haircolor is the first professional haircolor developed to fight all 5 signs of aging hair. As we age, our hair experiences 5 signs of aging; it loses volume, manageability, color, moisture and shine. AGEbeautiful anti-aging haircolor is the first color with Melanin, Keratin Peptide, Vitamin E, Silk Protein and a patented conditioning technology to help replenish hair with the essential components that are lost with aging.

Proven to fight all 5 signs of aging hair:

1. Thinning – provides instantly fuller and thicker hair

2. Wiry Gray – dramatically softer, more manageable hair

3. Turning Gray – 100% gray coverage

4. Dryness – significantly more conditioned

5. Dullness – visibly more radiant, shiny hair.

With a complete palette of radiant natural looking permanent shades available in both liquid and liqui-crème forms, AGEbeautiful covers gray 100% and delivers beautiful, rich color full of dimension and shine. Demi permanent shades are also available to enhance, deepen, or refresh haircolor. And new Root Touch-Up, a temporary haircolor spray, quickly and easily conceals gray roots in seconds. Exclusively sold at Sally Beauty.