1N Very Black Permanent Cream Hair Color
Permanent Cream Hair Color






  • 1N Very Black
  • 2N Black
  • 3N Dark Natural Brown
  • 4N Medium Natural Brown
  • 5N Light Natural Brown
  • 6N Dark Natural Blonde
  • 7N Medium Natural Blonde
  • 8N Light Natural Blonde
  • 9N Very Light Natural Blonde
  • 10N Lightest Natural Blonde
  • 4C Medium Copper Brown
  • 6C Dark Copper Blonde
  • 4R Medium Red Brown
  • 3RV Dark Red Violet Brown
  • 3CH Dark Chocolate Brown
  • 4CH Medium Chocolate Brown
  • 5CH Light Chocolate Brown
  • 4G Medium Golden Brown
  • 5G Light Golden Brown
  • 6G Dark Golden Blonde
  • 7G Medium Golden Blonde
  • 8G Light Golden Blonde
  • 9G Very Light Golden Blonde
  • 6A Dark Ash Blonde
  • 7A Medium Ash Blonde
  • 8A Light Ash Blonde
  • 10A Lightest Ash Blonde
  • 8RG Light Tangerine Blonde
  • 11HLN High Lift Neutral Blonde
  • 6RG Dark Tangerine Blonde
  • 7RG Medium Tangerine Blonde
  • 11HLA High Lift Cool Blonde
  • 5RG Light Tangerine Brown
  • 4T Medium Tobacco Brown
  • 5T Light Tobacco Brown
  • 6T Dark Tobacco Blonde
  • 3R Dark Red Brown
  • 4RV Medium Red Violet Brown
  • 5R Light Red Brown
  • 5RV Light Red Violet Brown
  • 6R Dark Red Blonde
  • 2RV Red Violet Black
  • 2B Blue Black
  • 2V Violet Black
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  • 1N Very Black
    Color 1N Very Black2N Black3N Dark Natural Brown4N Medium Natural Brown5N Light Natural Brown6N Dark Natural Blonde7N Medium Natural Blonde8N Light Natural Blonde9N Very Light Natural Blonde10N Lightest Natural Blonde4C Medium Copper Brown6C Dark Copper Blonde4R Medium Red Brown3RV Dark Red Violet Brown3CH Dark Chocolate Brown4CH Medium Chocolate Brown5CH Light Chocolate Brown4G Medium Golden Brown5G Light Golden Brown6G Dark Golden Blonde7G Medium Golden Blonde8G Light Golden Blonde9G Very Light Golden Blonde6A Dark Ash Blonde7A Medium Ash Blonde8A Light Ash Blonde10A Lightest Ash Blonde8RG Light Tangerine Blonde11HLN High Lift Neutral Blonde6RG Dark Tangerine Blonde7RG Medium Tangerine Blonde11HLA High Lift Cool Blonde5RG Light Tangerine Brown4T Medium Tobacco Brown5T Light Tobacco Brown6T Dark Tobacco Blonde3R Dark Red Brown4RV Medium Red Violet Brown5R Light Red Brown5RV Light Red Violet Brown6R Dark Red Blonde2RV Red Violet Black2B Blue Black2V Violet Black

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Additional Information

  • Superior hydration, conditioning, protection and shine
  • Easy to use, easy to formulate
  • Fade resistant color
  • 100% gray coverage.

One 'n Only Argan Oil Permanent Hair Color Cream is a hair color breakthrough that infuses active levels of precious argan oil into every drop of hand-crafted Italian color.


Advanced micro pigments combine with precious Argan Oil for luminous color, certified 100% gray coverage, brilliant shine, and unmatched conditioning. Argan oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft to nourish, repair and lock in moisture, instantly smoothing the cuticle and improving elasticity. The low ammonia formula provides deep color penetration and longer-lasting consistent results. Amazing. Fade resistant, vibrant true color. Explosive shine, luxurious conditioning and a silky rich, soft texture that is truly beyond expectation! Two full applications in every tube.

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