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Proclaim Super Bond Remover Oil

By Proclaim


Size: 4 oz.
Quantity: One
Sally Item # SBS-628202

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Proclaim Super Bond Remover Oil easily loosens hair extensions for quick and easy removal.


Proclaim Super Bond Remover Oil
Proclaim Super Bond Remover Oil

Additional Information

  • Rotating top controls amount dispensed
  • Aids in removing extension glue from hair
  • Prevents damage to the hair or the weft

Smooth cuticles, detangle and remove traces of hair bond. Super Bond Remover Oil makes removing extension easy and less damaging. Bond Remover Oil loosens the bond and allows the extension to be slipped off.
Proclaim Super Bond Remover Oil 2.4 5 13 14
Leaves hair very oily. All of my extensions came out on their own, so I didn't use this to remove them, but I did use it before shampooing to help break down the glue. It did seem to help, however, it leaves your hair VERY oily, even after multiple washes. Don't use this and expect to have great looking hair immediately. October 17, 2012
Serves it's purpose, but messy! It does what it's supposed to do, and you have to use a LOT of it to get the weft loose, but this stuff is MESSY!!!!!! Make sure you get the Super Bond Remover shampoo, and probably not a bad idea to get a couple of bottles of it. Regular shampoo will not get this stuff out...and I had to use the Super Bond Shampoo like 3 or 4 times to get it all out. It does it's job, that's for sure. But it leaves an oily mess! Prepare to clean a mess in your bath or shower after using this too. I'd recommend it if there's nothing else better and less greasy, which I'm having a hard time finding. August 5, 2012
Pulled my own hair out.... This is an awful product. I used it to remove my extensions that I had glued in with the white procclaim glue that I had in for about 3 weeks. It did NOT remove the extensions easily, but it DID pull clumps of my own hair out! It also left my hair greasy even after shampooing 7 times with clairyfying shampoo and dawn dishsoap! It also damaged my extensions and I could not get all the glue off the wefts...DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! December 13, 2011
WORST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET Literally left my hair disgustingly greasy. I've washed it multiple times and cannot get either the glue or oil off of my scalp. I am going to attempt to get my money back and the store and throw a fit if not. I cannot believe that people are saying "well, don't put it on your hair and you'll be okay" when the extensions are GLUED TO MY HAIR. This product is the worst I've ever tried and I will make it known that this WILL leave your hair greasy, you ANGRY, and WILL leave the glue on your head. I do not recommend to anyone. January 31, 2011
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