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Clairol Professional Liquicolor 9A/26D Very Light Cool Blonde

Liquicolor By Clairol Professional


Size: 2 oz.
Quantity: One
Color: 9A/26D Very Light Cool Blonde
Sally Item # SBS-320726


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Your favorite permanent color, Miss Clairol, is now Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente. Same shade results. Delivers the 4 signs of healthy-looking color: deep conditioning, reflective shine, multi-dimensional shades and long-lasting results.


Clairol Professional Liquicolor 9A/26D Very Light Cool Blonde
Clairol Professional Liquicolor 9A/26D Very Light Cool Blonde



  • 10N/12B1 Lightest Neutral Blonde
  • 10G/12G Lightest Golden Blonde
  • 10GN/12G2 Lightest Gold Neutral Blonde
  • 3RR/203RR Medium Intense Red
  • 4RR/204RR Light Intense Red
  • 6RR/206RR Dark Intense Red Blonde
  • 9AA/20D Very Light Ultra Cool Blonde
  • 6GN/25G Dark Gold Neutral Blonde
  • 9A/26D Very Light Cool Blonde
  • 8GN/27G Light Gold Neutral Blonde
  • 08A/28D Light Cool Blonde
  • 8R/29R Light Red Blonde
  • 9AA-BV/30D Very Light Ultra Blonde-Blue Violet
  • 6RN/31R Dark Red Neutral Blonde
  • 6AA/32D Dark Ultra Cool Blonde
  • 5R/33R Lightest Red Brown
  • 7AA/34D Medium Ultra Cool Blonde
  • 5GN/35G Lightest Gold Neutral Brown
  • 5AA/36D Lightest Ultra Cool Brown
  • 4AA/37D Light Ultra Cool Brown
  • 3GN/39G Medium Gold Neutral Brown
  • 9A-N/40D Very Light Cool Neutral Blonde
  • 7G/41G Medium Golden Blonde
  • 7A/42D Medium Cool Blonde
  • 7RN/43R Medium Red Neutral Blonde
  • 4R/45R Light Red Brown
  • 4A/46D Light Cool Brown
  • 4RN/47R Light Red Neutral Brown
  • 2AA/48D Dark Ultra Cool Brown
  • 1A/51D Cool Black
  • 1AA/52D Ultra Cool Black
  • 3RN/56R Medium Red Neutral Brown
  • 3AA/57D Medium Ultra Cool Brown
  • 4RV/64R Light Red Violet Brown
  • 2RV/70R Dark Red Violet Brown
  • 6G/74G Dark Golden Blonde
  • 5RN/75R Lightest Red Neutral Brown
  • 5A/94DN Lightest Cool Brown
  • 12AA-B/HL-B Hilift Ultra Cool Blonde Blue
  • 12G/HL-G High Lift Golden Blonde
  • 12N/HL-N High Lift Neutral Blonde
  • 12A/HL-V High Lift Cool Blonde
  • 3RRV Medium Intense Red Violet
  • 4RRV Light Intense Red Violet
  • #5G Lightest Golden Brown
  • 12AA-BV HiLift Ultra Cool Blonde Blue Violet
  • #5RR Lightest Intense Red
  • 4G Light Golden Brown
  • 2RRV Dark Intense Red Violet
  • 8RN/71RG Light Red Neutral Blonde
  • 2N/82N Dark Neutral Brown
  • 3N/83N Medium Neutral Brown
  • 4N/84N Light Neutral Brown
  • 5N/85N Lightest Neutral Brown
  • 6N/86N Dark Neutral Blonde
  • 7N/87N Medium Neutral Blonde
  • 8N/88N Light Neutral Blonde
  • 9N/89N Very Light Neutral Blonde
  • 4NN Light Rich Neutral Brown
  • 6NN Dark Rich Neutral Blonde
  • 5NN Lightest Rich Neutral Brown
  • 8NN Light Rich Neutral Blonde
  • 7NN Medium Rich Neutral Blonde
  • 9NN Very Light Rich Neutral Blonde
  • 3RV/68R Medium Red Violet Brown
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Additional Information

  • 84% more conditioning than leading brands
  • 61% more shine (versus untreated hair)
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Long lasting results
  • Multi dimensional results

Miss Clairol is reinvented! Introducing new Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente. The same shade results and 100% gray coverage you expect from Miss Clairol. Guaranteed! Now with SOY4PLEX for up to 84% more deep conditioning than the leading professional cream. SOY4PLEX leaves hair deeply conditioned, with up to 61% more reflective shine, multi-dimensional color and long-lasting results. Liquicolor permanente offers 57 intermixable shades.


The same shade results as Miss Clairol with improved SOY4PLEX conditioning. New Unified Numbering System Clairol Professional Liquidcolor Permanente combined Miss Clairol and Torrids into iinter-mixable shades 4 tonal families: Neutral, Ash, Gold and Red 10 tonal pillars Key Benefits: 84% more conditioning than leading brands 61% more shine 100% gray coverage Long lasting results Multi dimensional results Same shade results with additional conditioning benefit Of SOY4PLEX.


SOY4PLEX Technology Creates a Healthy Colored Hair. Key Benefits: 1. Deep Conditioning: Soy4plex conditions inside and out. 2. Long-Lasting Color: Soy4plex color molecules penetrate the cortex of the hair while smoothing out the outer layer of the hair helping to seal in color. 3. Reflective Shine: A deep conditioned outer layer of the hair forms a highly reflective surface for a healthy shine. 4. Multidimensional Results: Deeply conditioned hair reflects light to create a multi-dimensional natural look.


Use with Clairol Professional Clairoxide Liquid or Pure White Creme Developer.
Mixing: Mix 2 oz. of Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente with 2 oz. of Clairol Professional Developer. For high-lift blonde shades, mix 2 oz. of Clairol Professional Liquicolor with 4 oz. 40 Volume Clairol Professional Developer.
Determine a client's natural haircolor level. Select a shade in the desired level and tone. Choose the developer needed to achieve the desired result.


Use with Clairol Professional Clairoxide Clear Liquid for bottle applications or Pure White Creme Developer which is ideal for bowl-and-brush application.
Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente Hair Color 4.4 5 140 147
Natural looking results Easy home application for wonderful, warm, natural looking results. As a redhead, it is hard to get a natural looking red but #43 provides a tone so close to the shade I was born with, long time friends were shocked that I was coloring my hair. Great coverage on gray hair that is popping up and leaves hair silky and conditioned. July 12, 2014
Great color I have used this for 15 years. My hair looks natural and shiny. I expect to use it for years to come. June 6, 2014
Best color I have found thus far, but.. I really like Clairol hair color, simply because I have had the most luck with their shades. The blondes have less brassiness in them, and my hair does not feel damaged once I am done coloring. My only complaint with Clairol is that it tends to fade out faster, so I have learned that it is probably best to go a few shades darker than originally intended. We all know that color fades, but clairol seems to fade out a bit more faster compared to other dyes I have used. Again, I like Clairol better though because I find that their color comes out more rich looking, and also minimal brassiness with some of the blonde shades. They have a nice range of colors to choose from as well, and Clairol seems to be less damaging in comparison to other dyes I have used. April 25, 2014
Winter Wheat 9A I had been wanting to try this line of Clairol liquid dye since it was on special plus it seemed to have more blonde shades and options. My natural hair is dark ash blonde (around a level 6) but it's lightened to a level 9 ash. My hair gets very gold looking because of constant sun/uv exposure plus some blonde dyes have a warm base to them which makes my hair turn gold. I wanted a cooler shade of blonde, as well as darken it a bit since I felt like my shade was getting too light and uniform looking. In my local Sally store I looked over the blonde swatches and this Winter Wheat seemed like a darker, cooler ash shade plus it promised to deliver more multi-dimensional results and not look so monotone which I wanted. I used this Winter Wheat with 2 oz of the level 20 Clairol white developer and let it develop for 30 minutes like the directions say. Because I used a level 20 developer, I was expecting darker results since anything less than a level 30 typically adds more pigment onto the hair shaft rather than lighten in. I showered it off and used an after-color sealer as well as a deep conditioning masque. My results were much lighter than I was hoping for. My hair looks like a very light blonde, a level 9 or 10 white blonde with still some yellow gold undertones. My hair is also a light dryer, more brittle and frizzy than it was before. Even after using the deep conditioning masque as well as a leave-in miracle conditioner my hair was like straw on the first day. Here it is three days later and my hair is still dry feeling and my scalp is still very sensitive. I would only use this shade if you are looking for a very light white gold blonde. Overall this dye is a bit harsher than some others and it does have a strong chemical odor to it when it's developing, it left my scalp sensitive feeling and left my hair dry and brittle, and the swatches are not true to life since it is very light. January 18, 2014
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