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One 'n Only Colorfix

By One 'n Only


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One 'n Only Colorfix removes unwanted permanent haircolor regardless of how long it has been in the hair.


One 'n Only Colorfix
One 'n Only Colorfix

Additional Information

  • Removes unwanted permanent haircolor
  • Allows color correction to specific areas
  • Easily removes any level of hair color
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Easy to mix and apply

One N Only Colorfix removes unwanted permanent hair color regardless of how long it has been in the hair. Controlled usage allows color correction to specific areas. One N Only Colorfix is designed for full or slight color corrections. From 6 to 16 applications depending on whether use is for partial or full color correction. Effective on all hair types - leaves hair in optimum condition. Does not contain ammonia, bleach or formaldehyde.
FOR FULL COLOR CORRECTION: Apply to dry hair. Mix equal parts of Colorfix Part 1 Color Reducer and Part 2 Conditioning Catalyst in tint bowl or an applicator bottle. (Mix as much as will be needed for the density and length of hair that requires correction.) Wearing gloves and using a tint brush, apply quickly and evenly to the hair. If mixed in an applicator bottle, shake vigorously until thoroughly mixed (45 seconds to 1 minute). Gently work through the hair to ensure even penetration. After mixing Part 1 Color Reducer and Part 2 Conditioning Catalyst, use as quickly as possible, since the activity of the mixture decrease with time. Cover loosely with a plastic cap, and process up to 20 minutes. Strand test frequently. Low, warm dryer heat may be used to speed processing time. Rinse hair for 3-5 minutes and shampoo. If sufficient color is not removed, repeat Step 2 and 3 (this may be done on damp, towel-dried hair). Depending on condition of scalp and hair, do not repeat process more than 2-3 times. When desired level of color removal has been achieved, apply Processing Lotion for 5 minutes. (Due to the nature of dye molecules, it is possible that hair may redarken to an unacceptable level. If it does, repeat Steps 2-4 on damp hair, until sufficient color is removed.) Rinse well. Dry hair with a warm heat setting. (A hot setting may cause scalp irritation.) You may now proceed with your color application, if performing a full color corrective service.


FOR SLIGHT COLOR CORRECTION (lighten color that has gone too dark or ashen): Mix 1/4 oz Part 1 Color Reducer + 1/4 oz Part 2 Conditioning Catalyst + 1 oz shampoo. Wearing gloves, apply to damp, towel-dried hair. Apply only to the areas of the hair that require lightening, and work into lather. To determine timing, take a strand test frequently. When the desired shade has been reached, rinse thoroughly and shampoo.
Always strand test color formulas to be used prior to application. Remember, porous hair will absorb colors more quickly and the resulting hair color may be slightly darker. You may need to formulate 1-2 levels lighter than desired result. Always use a low pH conditioner after an application of Colorfix. This will help protect the hair, and return it to a more normal state. One N Only Colorfix is developed to remove oxidative dyes. Since most semipermanent colors are combination of direct dyes and oxidative dyes, Colorfix may only partially remove these.
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Gets the job done. My hair has been bleached and dyed, bleached and dyed, and dyed some more. I recently got my hair to a neutral light brown color by bleaching and toning my very dark brown natural hair color. It had been about a month and I decided to tone some of the returning brass out with a DEMI permanent hair color. Well I should have used several shades lighter and left on for a much shorter time because my beautiful light brown had turned into a very dark brown color. YIKES! Not what I was going for. So I did some research and decided to take a chance a try to strip the color out of my hair without bleaching. This product works wonders! Took about 10 minutes to apply. I have short but very thick wavy/curly hair so I mixed 2oz or each #1 & #2 to get 4oz in all. This solution covered my hair evenly and I had a little bit left to completely saturate. I covered my head in plastic and left on for 20 minutes in addition to the 10 to apply. So complete application & Process took 30 minutes. After I took the bag off my hair was very light basically back to the color before I used the DEMI. Just pretty brassy. So I followed directions and rinsed for more like 7 minutes and then shampooed my hair thoroughly and rinsed again. Then I applied the processing lotion and my hair maybe darkened a tad but not unacceptably took a little brassy out also. So then I rinsed and applied a good conditioner and rinsed again. I am currently deep conditioning. Which I would recommend because the process left my hair dry but conditioner made my hair feel like butter as usual. Sulfate shampoo tend to dry my hair out regardless. So I would recommend this product to anyone looking to strip unwanted dark hair color out. Just follow instructions. Smells bad but not unbearable. Deep condition after wards. Be thorough. You will be fine. Will strip hair to a color that is ready to be toned or dyed again. Wish it was cheaper but u get what u paid for so its worth it. September 13, 2014
Does not work I went to Sally;s talked to the girl there and she suggested I try Colorfix, to get rid of the old colour and then add dark blonde toner to get rid of the red in my dark hair. I ended up spending over 2 hrs and applying colour fix twice to me hair, it did remove the dark colour and left me sort of an orange colour, after applying the dark blonde ion colour, most of the red is gone, but its sure not the light brown I was a looking for. September 7, 2014
Just used this today 8/9/14 - AWESOME! I have bleached my hair myself for over 25 years using box kits. Not platinum, but lightest natural blonde. My natural hair color is a dark ash/light brown. Because of so much coloring, blow drying, straightening, my hair was pretty porous. Last week I decided I wanted auburn hair. I bought Excellence by L'Oreal Reddish Brown. Well, my hair basically came out like the box color, but I guess because of the porosity, it was uneven. In the sunlight I could see streaks of the rich reddish brown color, but also some pinkish strips where the color didn't take so well. I panicked and went to a recommended hair salon. This stylist told me my hair was severely porous and damaged but because she had had such "specialized training", she could fix it. Never could get a ballpark figure of the total cost from her, but I knew this cut, color and highlighting procedure would be $150 to $200. At first I thought it was worth it, but then started thinking how this stylist's own hair didn't look too impressive, so what made me think she was going to do miracles with mine? I just wanted my blonde back so went to Sally's and One N' Only Colorfix was recommended. I was super nervous, but deep conditioned my hair yesterday. This morning I washed my hair as I didn't want any conditioner or product to interfere with Colorfix; then dried it. I FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS EXACTLY. I have super thick hair to my shoulders. Started with half of Bottles 1 and 2, but ran out before I got my whole head so had to quickly mix the other half. If you have thick hair, you might as well mix all of it up at once. Some people paint it on, but I mixed it all in a regular color bottle and applied as I usually do hair color, making sure every strand was covered all the way to the end. If you use a bottle, follow the box directions and shake it well for 45 seconds to one minute. I had read some reviews about the horrible smell and how you shouldn't use Step 3, etc., etc. First of all, if you've ever had a perm, you can handle the smell. I don't even think it's as bad as a perm. Secondly, now that it's all over, I can't even smell it in my hair. LASTLY, follow directions exactly, follow through with Step 3 and everything will be great! After mixing and applying bottles 1 and 2 to my hair, I wrapped my head in saran wrap because I didn't have a plastic cap. Really tricky with long hair but managed to do it. My advice is to get a plastic cap; would have been easier! Left it on for 20 minutes. Then got in the shower and rinsed for EXACTLY 5 minutes; I set an alarm in the bathroom. Then after rinsing for 5 minutes, I shampooed but did not apply conditioner and towel dried my hair really well. I then used the whole bottle #3 on my hair, making sure every strand was covered. Botttle #3 has a watery consistency so make sure you don't get it in your eyes. Left Step 3 on for exactly 5 minutes. Rinsed for 2 or 3 minutes. Applied conditioner. My hair is back to normal and texture feels GREAT. The color is exactly where it was before I put the reddish brown on it. I am so happy and saved a LOT of money!! August 9, 2014
removing red hair I have black Asian hair and I had highlights and bleach and all sorts of fun stuff already in my hair. Then one day I decided to go bright mermaid red. I used permanent dyes and a whole variety of semi permanents dyes for maintenance. Although the box says it might not work with semi permanents but it got rid of every trace of red for me! All I did was fade out my color as much as I could with shampoo then used Colorfix for about one hour without heat the first time- I suggest heat though for 20 mins, the results work way better. I have long hair and one box is more than sufficient but because red is absolutely ridiculous to get rid of I had to do it twice. The first time it faded to a nice ginger brown for the parts of my hair that wasn't bleached and the parts where my highlights were bleached it was an orange and some parts red. So I did it a second time only on my ends where the red still is this time and I used it with heat and omg my highlights came out pale yellow blond, it was gorgeous. I couldn't believe my eyes. This stuff works people, you just got to play around with it. Hope this helps for all those who want to transition from red to blonde like I did. It is VERY POSSIBLE :) July 27, 2014
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Garnier Nutrisse Intense Light Auburn... it ended up FIRE ENGINE red.
1 day ago
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my hair turned a blondeish orangish how can i get the orange out !!!!????
3 weeks, 3 days ago
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use a blue based toner/dye/ or demi permanent.
1 week, 1 day ago
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