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L'Oreal Super Blue Creme Oil Lightener

L'Oreal Technique By L'Oreal


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L'Oreal Super Blue Creme Oil Lightener lifts natural or artificial pigments from hair for full-head blonding.


L'Oreal Super Blue Creme Oil Lightener
L'Oreal Super Blue Creme Oil Lightener

Additional Information

  • Removes natural or artificial pigments
  • Easy smooth application
  • Rinses easily and quickly
  • Dedusted and easy-to-mix

L'Oreal Creme Oil Lightener lightens hair color by removing natural or artificial pigment from the hair for full-head blonding. This on-the-scalp lightener adheres evenly to eliminate overlapping during application. Built-in drabber helps eliminate red, gold, and brassy tones. It reamins moist during processing and rinses easily and quickly. Leaves hair shiny and healthy-looking with superb texture.


Box contains 1 Creme Oil Lightener 2 oz. and three lightening Activators 0.4 oz.
Read package directions carefully before using. For professional use only.
L'Oreal Super Blue Creme Oil Lightener 3.1 5 15 15
Lightened a little I used this product after using L'oreal's Color Zap, so that may have had something to do with my outcome. This product was not able to be mixed in the application bottle, it stayed separated and in powder form. I had to mix it in a hair dye mixing bowl (which luckily I had on hand), but the consistency remained like water, and had random chunks that wouldn't dissolve. I had used 2 packets, since I was worried about the strength of the chemicals for 3. Be warned, this drips A LOT. It didn't at all apply evenly, so my hair now has a marbled look to it, and it did nothing for my dyed black ends (since the Color Zap didn't last for my whole head, I had an ombre look). All this really did was dry my hair out more, and make my strands look synthetic for some reason. I didn't really have any sort of pros, except that it lightened some parts maybe a shade or so. I wouldn't recommend this, at the very least, I wouldn't recommend this after using Color Zap. May 1, 2014
This bleach is trash. Don't even bother... Okay so... I've given this stuff more than its fair share of chances. I just finished trying it for the second time. It hardly lifts my hair a level.. and it is in no way dark. It is currently medium golden mahogany blonde from Ion Color Brilliance. I wanted to add some blonde streaks to my hair, and instead of making another trip to Sally I figured I'd use up the rest of this. Bad choice on my part... Now I have to go back and correct my hair by recoloring where I'd bleached with 7WR, let it rest, and try again at a later date with a product that actually does what it claims to do as opposed to hardly lifting and yet damaging my hair. Fun! Of course I followed all directions, using everything as explained in the directions. I am not a dolt. Perhaps this works on virgin hair, but NOT on hair that has been coloured... oh and the drabber it claims to have? Yeah, you might want to get some toner if this even manages to lift for you! April 11, 2014
Not at all what I expected I got this product on the recommendation of the employee that helped me. She said it would work well on my hair since It was darker and there was red in it. WRONG! I had a patch on top that was platinum and the rest was a bright red blond. Glad it was not the final color I was going with. It also damaged my hair really bad, to the point that it basically stayed straight and in one place with no product in, and I have really curly hair. My scalp is now sore and very tight feeling. In all the years I have been dying my hair I have never had this happen. I will never use this product again. Guess I should have just gone with what I usually get when I do highlights, nut that won't be for a while because I have to try to repair the damage this product caused. If I could do 0 stars I would. June 25, 2013
Not the best After reading the other reviews, I decided to give this a try. I used 20 volume developer because it's what the package recommends. After leaving it on the maximum amount of time, my hair was a bright orange, so I find it hard to believe that another reviewer claimed to have gone from black to a pale blonde. BUT!!! My hair had been previously colored (not permanent color, which is another reason this baffles me) so that may have had something to do with it, although the product itself claims to remove artificial color. Overall, it did lighten my hair, but if you have darker hair, I would plan on using a toner because the "built in drabber" will not help strong red or gold tones. June 5, 2013
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