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Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion

By Tanwise


Size: 8 fl. oz.
Quantity: One
Sally Item # SBS-775022

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Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion creates a rich tan without the sun.


Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion
Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion

Additional Information

  • Provides a dark looking tan without the sun
  • Hydrates, Moisturizes
  • Won't clog pores

Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion hydrates, moisturizes and protects the body without irritating sensitive skin or clogging pores. Creates the richest looking tan without the sun.
Apply Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion evenly over face and body. Wash hands with soap and water immediately after use in order that palms do not become discolored. For best results, exfoliate skin before use. To maintain tan, use at least 3-4 times a week with a moisturizer.
Smooth Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion evenly over face and body. Color will intensify within three hours. Does not contain sunscreen. Stay out of contact with water for an hour after use. Avoid direct contact with fabric immediately after use.
Tanwise Dark Tanning Lotion 4.4 5 20 20
Get this product!!! Love this product,super dark, looks great! You HAVE to wear gloves or your hands will be stained! Make sure you rub in and if part of it is already dry and your rubbing more in you might look like you got in a grease looks smeared and dried but don't worry when you wash off it looks fine.... i take a sponge and lightly do the top of my hands and wrist area and ankle,feet area and it looks fine to me :) Best i have had besides the Toma's lotion! December 3, 2014
Great product! Loyal to this product I have tried many self tanners of various brands. I LOVE this product and have recommended it to so many friends who state they want to go tanning or get spray tanned. I dropped my spray tan membership because this lasts as long, is inexpensive, smells good, and doesnt irritate my skin. If you dont have gloves and it is on your palms, use toothpaste and a washcloth to scrub it off and dry. Then apply to front of hands being careful of tan lines along thumb and pinkee sides May 1, 2014
Great color, awful to rub in. I love that this product looks natural and dries fast. However, I can NEVER seem to get it to rub in and a few seconds later I have all these tanning streaks on me. I'm a pro self-tanner as I have tried so many of them. I exfoliate, I moisturizer, I use gloves and any other methods I've collected online. This tanner just doesn't seem to dry in a smooth look, but streaky and it rubs so easily on clothes. April 9, 2014
Amazing Product! This sunless tanner has well exceeded my expectations! I'd heard and read that it's a dupe for SUN Labs sunless tanner. One youtube guru said she compared ingredients and the only difference was that the SUN Labs contains aloe and Tanwise doesn't. This product applied quickly and evenly (I used vinyl gloves), dried fairly quickly, and gave me the most beautiful tan the next morning! What set this product apart from other sunless tanners for me was how DARK it made me from just one application, and how RICH the color was. It lasted really long too - 8 days - and faded evenly, which is impressive for such a dark product. For reference, I'm extremely fair-skinned as a MAC NC10-15/NARS Gobi and this didn't look the least bit orange on me! It was very brown and had a hint of peachyness that I love. I naturally tan very golden, to the point where it can look a bit orangey if I get really dark. This stuff gave me a tan that I like even more than my natural tan color! The ONLY slightly negative thing about this product for me was that the DHA/developing smell was pretty strong. I could even still smell it the next day, *after* I'd showered and put scented body lotion on. But it's definitely worth it for the result. June 24, 2013
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