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Studex System 75 Ear Piercing Instrument

By Studex


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Studex System 75 Ear Piercing Instrument


Studex System 75 Ear Piercing Instrument
Studex System 75 Ear Piercing Instrument

Additional Information

  • Utilizes a gentle push thru instrument
  • Cartridge loading system
  • Quiet with no bang sound

The System 75 Ear Piercing Instrument utilizes a gentle push thru instrument with a cartridge loading system. A very quiet and gentle system. The Studex Ear piercing procedure is almost pain free. Most peope feel little or no discomfort. Includes Marking Pen and complete instructions.


Product note: Due to health reasons piercing implements cannot be returned.

The Studex75 Ear Piercing Instrument is designed to safely pierce the ear lobe and outer cartliage of the ear. Studex ear piercing products should never be used to pierce any other body parts.
Studex System 75 Ear Piercing Instrument 4.8 5 4 4
AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL piercing Instrument Hi! this is my 2nd review on this gun, my first one didn't go through for some reason. I have to tell you that I was so scared about piercing my own ears. My ear holes had closed up from not wearing earrings. Make sure you get some 'sleeper' earrings (get Studex's tiny - smallest - hoops are best for sleeping - gold plated or SS)... Anyway I was so scared to do this myself. But I bought this gun, and some cartridge Studex system 75 earrings which you have to buy separately. I bought studs instead of hoops. Now I wish I would have bought the sleeper hoops LOL. They have them for piercing to use with this gun. The Studex earring cartridges do *not* come with this gun. HOWEVER, I am so HAPPY that I bought this instrument. It made it so easy, quick, and painless. Putting in the Studex earring cartridges into this gun: Just make sure you push down *really hard* on the cartridge (both ends) to get it seated correctly and then the gun will work very smoothly. And it only takes a second to piece your ear... 1 second and it is very easy and smooth with this gun. I was shocked because it was over so quickly and I didn't feel any pain with either ear! When I had my ears pieced at 10 years old with a needle, it hurt like heck - BUT no pain using this gun and Studex cartridge earrings! Amazing to me! It is wonderful and I recommend this to everyone that wants to pierce their own ears. You won't be sorry! Note: re: closed holes Do not pierce in the same closed up hole. Make a completely new hole. That is what I did and it came out just fine. When I wear studs, they hide my other closed ear lobe holes anyway. You can google for more info on this for yourself, but I wouldn't try to pierce in the same closed up ear lobe hole because you might hit old scar tissue, which would make it harder for the new piercing to go through especially if you are doing it at a different angle than your original ear lobe hole. December 27, 2013
Easy to do My daughters wanted their ears pierced (one re-pierced, had closed up) and the other double-pierced. I didn't want to go to Walmart (cheapest) becauseof staff at closest location, and I didn't want to pay mall prices. It seemed relatively easy to do from what I read online. I got this gun and the ear rings from my local Sally store. The re-piercing went very well, one actually slid through with just the pointy tip. The other was a bit scarred, but easily yeilded to the gun. (The girl at Piercing Pagoda had messed up this ear when it was first done, where it only half went through with the first squeeze...) I was a bit more worried on the new piercings, but after making sure that the dots were lined up I went for it. Pain was minimal. I would definitely do this again, as I controlled the hygene level and we were in our own home. January 2, 2012
THIS MACHINE IS GREAT ! I got this gun last night and i absolutely love it. I did my 3rd and 4th hole with it and now i can't stop! the earrings are very pretty and i would recommend this to anyone who wants there ear done ! its inexpensive and works just like any other, except its not spring loaded. this thing is amazing. October 16, 2010
Beats going to the salon (or tattoo shop) My daughters wanted their ears pierced. One is 9 and the other is 2. The only place around that peirces ears was a tattoo shop. I did not want to take my kids to a tattoo shop to get their ears pierced. I tried piercing them with a needle, but was too nervous about doing it. So I called my local Sally and they had these piercing guns in stock for only $16.99. I didn't quite know what to expect. I thought that it would be like a gun that you pull the trigger and it goes off. It's not like that at all. You align the earing where you want it, squeaze the handle a little, then squeaze fast and hard, then let go quickly to get the earing out of the plastic that holds it. My 9-year-old did fine with it. She didn't cry and said it stung a little. My 2-year-old fell alseep on the way home from buying it, so I figured it would be the best time to do it. I was right. She flinched when I did it and cried a little, then went back to sleep. I didn't have to deal with her being nervous or afraid. She woke up with pierced ears and loved them! November 11, 2009
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can any studex ear piercing earring be used with this gun?
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