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Colortrak Tools Ear Protector Caps

By Colortrak


Quantity: 24 EACH
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Colortrak Ear Protector Caps give your ears protection from chemical services such as perm solution.


Colortrak Tools  Ear Protector Caps
Colortrak Tools  Ear Protector Caps

Additional Information

  • Ear protection from chemical services
  • One size fits all
  • Elastic secure fit

Colortrak Tools Ear Protector Caps are elasticized ear shields to help protect from chemicals that may drip onto a client's ears during a salon service. One size fits most. Colortrak Ear Protector Caps are aslo great for sensitive skin or allergy prone clients.
Place 1 cap over each ear. For extra sensitive ears place a cotton ball inside ear first, then apply Color Trak Ear Protector Cap.
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HUGE!! These are huge!! These ear protectors could literally fit around an Elf's ear,.. they absolutely wont stay on the ears unless you have tiny rubberbands to go around them & then your ear is all crunched together and kinda painful. If these were 100x smaller I would recommend September 17, 2014
Great! Easy to use, comfortable wear during coloring, great protection, specially from black hair color, which tends to be messy. I can still hear everything with them on, even forget I put them on after a while. I recommend this to anyone coloring at come, makes coloring less messy, easy! June 22, 2013
$3, Itchy, It Slips, Ear Shower-caps Today is 9/27/11. This review is for the: “Color Trak Tools” EAR PROTECTOR CAPS”. 24 each Online = $2.99 Beauty Club Card = $2.89 I call these “ear shower-caps” or ear caps for short. B/c they’re just that…they’re like little shower caps for your ears…so cute, lol ! I have small ears so these were kinda slipping around a bit. They wouldn’t really stay in place. Also, they itched. The longer I left them on, the more they itched. Idk if the itch is just b/c of this product b/c my ears usu. itch when I put on shower caps. Next time, I might use a hairtie or a rubber band or tape to keep these in place. Also, I think you get 24 pairs in each package. I bought mine in store, there was only one left. Initially, I bought these for the purpose of using them before I color my hair. Because sometimes I get a reaction from hairdyes (itching, redness, bumps, a lil burning, etc.). But I find that I have less or no reactions from hairdyes, if I apply Vaseline around my hairline. I also apply on my ears and the back of my neck, and around my face. It doesn’t have to be Vaseline, it can be any petroleum jelly or chapstick or lip balm or heavy lotion or cream etc.. Another alternative you could do is wrap some “saran wrap” or “aluminum silver cooking foil” on your ears. You could also use any regular shower cap and put it on your ear…either buy cutting the shower cap to shape your ear…or using a hairtie/rubber band. PS - I’ll update this review, if needed ! September 27, 2011
They work great If you have short hair then you know the frustration of trying to apply color around your hairline...its impossible to avoid getting color in or on your ears. These are like little shower caps the protect your ears and keep them clean. They stay on securely and you can still hear through them. It makes cleaning the excess color off your skin a whole lot easier. You get many pairs for a great price; good deal. April 3, 2009
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