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Ardell Pro Lash Applicator

By Ardell


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The Ardell Pro Lash Applicator makes eyelash application easy!


Ardell Pro Lash Applicator
Ardell Pro Lash Applicator

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  • Easy to use

The Ardell Pro Lash Applicator makes lash application easy. Designed to place false eye lashes over the eye for the most natural look. Ardell Pro Lash Applicator's curved design grips eyelashes so it stays curved to fit the shape of the eye.
Simply place eyelash in Ardell Pro Lash Applicator exposing lash strip. Apply lash adhesive to eyelash and place along base of eyelid and apply.
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horrible I baught this based on reviews, upset i threw out the box or I would of taken this back. It is so horrible at holding the eyelashes and it is very rough, it hurt me when i was placing them i just did it with my fingers, Dont waste your money!! November 10, 2011
My New BFF For over a year now I've been applying false lashes with either a tiny Tweezerman tweezer and/or the Ardell lash applicator that comes in the "starter" pack with the lash glue. This thing is SO much easier! I had pretty much mastered using the lash applicator that comes with the "starter" pack but still had some trouble now and then with it--mainly keeping the lash from flexing/moving around while trying to apply it. This applicator holds on tight without crushing the last and you can perfectly line up the lash band with your last line, hold for a few seconds, and presto! No adjustment needed! I really cannot believe how much easier this makes the application! Fabulous! May 7, 2011
How Have I Ever Lived Without This Thing!?! I've been wearing false eyelashes since before the flood, *lol*, so I didn't get this APPLICATOR because I don't know what I'm doing. I got it because my eyesight is not what it used to be! I cannot tell you what a handy-dandy little tool this is, *vbs*. The SPRING-ACTION that 'grips' the eyelash is very strong. You squeeze the thing to open it, slip the eyelash in, and release the pressure to close it. Voila! You can now add your ADHESIVE and set the whole contraption on the counter to let the adhesive get tacky... no more impatiently holding the lash in your hand! Once tacky-enough, (a minute or two), you take the applicator and set the lash right on your lid-line... it's CURVED, so sets the lash in a curved-fashion on your lid. How nifty can you get!?! Open the applicator and your lash is perfectly aligned with your lid. All you need do now is keep the lash pressed again your lid-line, and the applicator works well for this too. If you're brave enough, you can open the applicator and apply it to your lash & lid-line as you would an eyelash curler, thus keeping the lash SQUEEZED in place as the adhesive dries. Alas, as stated above, the spring-action is very strong, so, if you catch some of your eyelid, it will pinch. But, with a little practice, the process goes quickly. Or, as I've done for years, you can just use an EYELASH CURLER during this part of the process to keep the lash squeezed into place til the adhesive dries enough. Bim, bam, boom... you're done. This little gadget is a god-send for those whose EYES ARE FAILING... especially up-close. I've reached the age where I need very strong reading glasses, so, when I'm applying lashes up-close, everything goes blurry cuz I can't wear my glasses and apply lashes at the same time! Enter this 'Ardell Pro Lash Applicator'. I'll never be without one again, *vbs*. p.s. It's also handy when you take your lashes off. Place them back in the applicator and you can very easily remove the adhesive and/or clean them with your favourite make-up remover and an eyelash brush/comb... rinse and set-aside to dry... and your lashes are ready for the next-day's use. Go get one! May 6, 2011
Just what I was looking for and needed!! I just happened upon this handy little tool when I was in Sally's and thought what the heck. I am a fairly new lash wearer and want them to look natural. Had so much difficulty trying to get them on. I saw also a video on You Tube and that made me a beliver as well. It just puts those little puppies right up against your lash line leaving the most perfect look of natural! I am so excited I have been using it every day!!! It will help immensly. Wish I had invented it! December 20, 2010
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