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Ion Hard Water Shampoo Liter

Purifying Solutions By Ion


Size: 33.8 oz.
Quantity: One
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Ion Hard Water Shampoo helps prevent build-up of hard and well water minerals like Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Copper that can cause dryness, damage, discoloration and dullness.


Ion Hard Water Shampoo Liter
Ion Hard Water Shampoo Liter



Additional Information

  • Helps eliminate mineral build-up from hard and well water
  • Reduces dryness, damage, dullness and discoloration
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Safe for daily use
  • 100% Vegan

Ion Hard Water Shampoo helps prevent build-up of hard and well water minerals. Reduces dryness and damage while adding shine and moisture. Increases manageability and helps reverse and prevent discoloration. Deep yet gentle cleansing safe for all hair types, including chemically-treated hair and can be used daily.
Apply to wet hair. Lather. Rinse.
Use daily in areas with extremely hard water or once a week in areas with mild hard water. For best results, follow with Ion Hard Water Conditioner.
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Hard water and unhappy hair? Here's your solution! I recently moved to an area with extremely hard water and noticed that my hair became drier, had more tangles, frizzier waves, and my hair felt dirtier quicker than normal. After reading what hard water does to your hair, I decided to try Ion Hard Water Shampoo and I am so happy that I did! It is my very favorite shampoo to use on my naturally wavy, dry, fine, porous, and frizzy hair. I was afraid that it would be too harsh or drying for my already dry hair, but it isn't! The lather is great and it is easy to distribute it all on your scalp and work it into your hair. The smell is also a lovely clean, fresh scent that is very pleasant. The consistency is fabulous because it is not too thick and not too thin, making it perfect to give your hair and scalp a really clean surface for conditioners to effectively penetrate the hair shaft. I had some build up on my scalp that happened to be hard water mineral build up, and since using this shampoo, I haven't had that issue since! My hair is also silky after rinsing and I have no problem with tangles and I can easily distribute my conditioner through my hair. This is a must try product for anyone that has hard water! July 3, 2014
This is the best I live in the rural areas where you have to have a well. Now I'm uses to "city water" so the transition to well water was killing my hair and causing a "cradle cap" effect to my scalp. I found this shampoo and it works. My hair is super light and my scalp is starting to become normal again. I have not been using this very long, like 2 weeks, but I can feel and see the difference already. May 11, 2014
It works and it's cost-effective I use this once every two months or so, to "clarify" and get rid of mineral deposits. It's surprisingly gentle for a shampoo that removes product build-up and metals. I need a lot of conditioner for detangling and moisturizing afterwards, and a leave-in, but I can definitely feel the difference in my hair after a wash with this shampoo. My hair feels smoother and it's bouncier and more resilient. I just wish this product smelled better. It smells like toilet-bowl cleaner...or some type of disinfectant. This is the only Ion product I use because I can't stand the way Ion products smell, but for the price and the effectiveness, I'll put up with the odor of this one for chelation every few weeks. March 19, 2014
Works for mineral build up Having lived most of my life with Los Angeles water, I now live in Phoenix. Both places are notorious for having the worst water in the US, so I guess I am very familiar with the miseries and quirks of hard water. This shampoo is great for removing the minerals in the water supply of the West and the Southwest (for me). I use it about once every two months, sometimes more often, and I really notice a positive difference in the body and shine of my hair after a wash. This shampoo is economical and it works for everyone in the family. It helps with "swimmer's hair" as well. December 3, 2013
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