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L'Oreal Mega Reds Haircolor Intense Red Copper

Preference By L'Oreal


Size: 2 oz.
Quantity: One
Color: MR3 Medium Intense Red Copper
Sally Item # SBS-500094

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L'Oreal Preference Mega Reds Permanent Haircolor is formulated with patented conditioning agents that leave the hair healthy and silky.


L'Oreal Mega Reds Haircolor Intense Red Copper
L'Oreal Mega Reds Haircolor Intense Red Copper



  • MR1 Light Intense Copper
  • MR2 Light Intense Golden Copper
  • MR3 Medium Intense Red Copper
  • MR4 Medium Intense Auburn Red
  • MR5 Medium Intense Copper Auburn
  • MR6 Dark Intense Auburn Red
  • MR7 Dark Intense Copper Red
  • MR8 Medium Intense Deep Auburn

Additional Information

  • Formulated to deliver intense red shade results
  • 25-minute automatic color processing
  • Anti-Fade Color System
  • Rich Conditioning

L'Oreal Preference Mega Reds Permanent Haircolor comes in eight vibrant red shades with intense pure red highlights. Features the L'Oreal Anti-Fade Color System that delivers special patented colorant molecules to penetrate the hair cortex and lock in color.
Mix L'Oreal Preference Mega Reds Permanent Haircolor with equal parts L' Oreal Oreor Developer 20 Volume. For brighter results, use L'Oreal Oreor Developer 30 Volume. Process for 25 minutes.
L'Oreal Preference Mega Reds Permanent Haircolor 4.2 5 57 58
I was reluctant to use a permanent color on my hair but I've always trusted the L'Oreal name so I tried it. That was 20+ yrs ago and I love the product. It's actually 'Blonde Proof' lol I tried another brand ONCE. I was close to tears (with green hair) but I went ahead and bought Preference that same night. So gentle it fixed the color with no damage. I will never do that again. August 10, 2014
I was looking for a color that would be lighter than my natural dark brown and that would cover the few grays that I have. This color did cover the grays but turned my hair a darker brown, almost black, with a reddish tint. It's definitely not a golden brown, there is nothing golden about this color. August 1, 2014
My hair is naturally dark brown , i was buying this thinking it would lighten up my hair and just like on the box make it a lighter brown l but it ended up being red! My hair looks horrible! looks so fake. August 1, 2014
I have used Preference in almost every shade since the early 90's. My natural color actually was very pretty and I don't know why I ever messed with it (a chestnut brown with gold and red highlight's going to a golden auburn that would get naturally brindled given the time of year lightening and darkening in my teens and early 20's and when I was a little girl it was a golden honey blonde not quiet strawberry but it did have hints of red highlight even when I was 2-5 yrs). Anyways I did mess with it... in the early 2000's I started getting premature silver and white. I don't say gray because gray doesn't look like silver shining strands and that is what mine was and is now pure white in many 'spots'. My grandmother was pure white by the time she was 25 years old so this really is no surprise i suppose... Anyways I decide to bleach out the silver/white areas to white and go black on rest (think white bands/fringe) then using temp. purple-teal in the white, Very rocker cool! I should mentioned in the early 2000's I stopped using most of the box color and started educating and experimenting with L'Oreal preference from a local beauty shop, including bleach packets etc. So, the black and white (w/violet streaks) stayed from about 2003 till just last year 2013. More of my hair had gone white but not all over and I had this odd silver ring spanning my head and with the black the contrast was just too much to keep up with without aging myself so I lightly bleached out strands and proceeded with dark brown for almost a year hoping that would work...the color was great especially since the reds really come out and it lightens w/gold when in sun but the silver/white was too pronounced and also had a blonde hue to it again. Plus brown does not hold on 'gray', white or silver does though heh. So given all this I decided to go back to my roots for a golden blonde but not wanting the red hues. I ended up having to do a double bleach due to length of hair (very long) and a lot of black that was still in it. Can anyone say damage??? the first color I did use from a box for this was too blonde and wasn't right then I found this color the 9.5 lightest ash blonde. It worked awesome and you can hardly see any delineation from my roots where white/silver!!! It is SO natural and now that I have cut it and use super hydrating products on it well, i am very happy! I just wish I can find this color everywhere but it seems to be a difficult shade to find however rechecking my beauty supply store they do have it so yay! No more trial and error, this is perfect!!! July 21, 2014
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