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When should combs be used instead of brushes?
Wide-tooth, detangling combs are best for wet or damp hair. Pintail combs are used for sectioning. teasing and lifting hair. And styling combs are used for parting and styling short hair.
What kind of comb should be used for teasing?
Teasing combs are used to create volume and lift. These special combs have short teeth between the longer teeth to pack hair toward the roots to create fullness and volume in the hair. They also have
What is the best way for me to tease my hair so I don't damage it?
Try using a the Mebco Tortoise Backcomber. Half-way between a brush and a comb, this teasing tool adds volume without snarls and is gentler on hair than a metal teasing comb. When backcombing hair, d
Barely Xtensions
Barely Xtensions No other clip-in's on the market are like Barely Xtensions. The bulky weft has been removed and replaced with an ultra thin skin weft which makes it lighter, more comfortable, an
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