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Manic Panic

Manic Panic

 In 1977 native New Yorkers Tish & Snooky Bellomo opened America's first Punk Rock boutique on St. Marks Place. The sisters have been bringing the punk rock look and lifestyle to the masses for over 25 years. Manic Panic has survived countless copy cat hair color products over the years. Manic Panic was the first alternative cosmetic brand with hair colors that reflect Tish & Snookys rock & roll roots. Tish & Snooky look forward to the next 25 years of creating the finest alternative beauty and hair color products.

  • Manic Panic Amplified Cream Formula
    Free Luxe Tote*
    4.4/5 (32)
  • Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Color Cream
    Free Luxe Tote*
    3.9/5 (511)
  • Manic Panic Dye Hard Hair Color Styling Gel
    Free Luxe Tote*
    4.4/5 (7)
  • Manic Panic Mixer/Pastel-izer
    Free Luxe Tote*
    2.5/5 (2)
  • Manic Panic Flash Lightening 30 Volume Bleach Kit
    Free Luxe Tote*
    4.2/5 (36)
  • Manic Panic Tool Kit
    Free Luxe Tote*
    5.0/5 (2)
  • Manic Panic Flash Lightening 40 Volume Bleach Kit
    Free Luxe Tote*
    4.7/5 (3)