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What is the proper way to blow dry hair?
For smooth, straight results, use an ionic ceramic dryer and a large-barrel round brush. Hair should be towel-dried and detangled before blow drying. First, apply a leave-in conditioner and set dryer
What is "ceramic technology" and why is it important in heated styling tools?
Ceramic technology utilizes hi-tech ceramics because of their ability to retain heat, enabling appliances to reach higher temperatures for instant heat with more even distribution and no damaging hot
What type of hair tool can be used to give me the same effect as a roller?
If you are looking for a non-electrical tool, try a round brush with a ceramic or metal core designed to be used with a blow dryer. Round brushes are available in a variety of barrel sizes to achieve
What is "nano silver technology" and why is it used in hair styling tools?
Nano silver technology unites micro particles of ceramic and silver increasing their concentration levels for enhanced performance. Nano Silver’s unique properties help to promote healthy, shiny hair.
What is "nano technology" and why is it important in styling tools?
Nano technology is the science of making billionth-sized particles from single molecules and can be applied to any material. Nano technology enhances the attributes of the original material. And nano-
What should I look for when I buy a blow dryer for everyday use?
For everyday use, look for a professional ionic ceramic dryer dryer with at least 1600 watts of power, two speed and heat settings, plus a cool shot feature. An air concentrator, a removable filter fo
What is the difference between professional blow dryers and drug store brands?
Professional blow dryers—and all professional styling appliances—incorporate the latest technology with more powerful, longer-lasting motors and a sturdier and more durable housing. Professional-quali
What type of hair dryer is best for drying and styling fast?
To dry hair fast, use a ionic ceramic dryer which can cut drying time by 30%—50% when used along with an ionic brush. Ceramic material used in the heater generates negative ions and far infrared heat
What is the best type of hair dryer for fragile hair?
For thin, fine or fragile hair, use a dryer with at least two air flow settings as well as variable heat settings. For best results, use and ionic ceramic dryer on a low or medium. Continuous negativ
What should I look for in a travel hair dryer?
Look for an travel dryer that is lightweight, that has at least two speeds and two heat settings, that folds for convenient storage, that has dual voltage for worldwide usage and that features ionic-c
What's the fastest way to dry a roller set at home?
If you set your hair regularly, either a portable hard hat dryer or a professional soft bonnet dryer is ideal. With all of the benefits of ionic-ceramic technology, today's portables can be stored ea
My stylist uses a heat lamp to dry my hair. What can I use at home to get the same effect?
ionic ceramic dryer with a diffuser attachment will achieve the same effect as a heat lamp. A diffuser is perfect for drying curls without creating frizz.
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