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If I wear nail extensions for a long period of time will it ruin my natural nails?
Wearing nail extensions that are maintained regularly by a nail tech won't ruin your natural nails. Improper application, improper maintenance, and most important, the improper removal of nail extensi
Are facial scrubs containing natural ingredients better than scrubs containing synthetic grains?
Some skin experts believe that man-made cleansing grains, specifically designed for exfoliation, are gentler on skin than the natural ingredients often used, such as crushed apricot kernels, walnut sh
Is there a relaxer that can remove or loosen natural or chemically induced curls?
Sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide relaxers can loosen natural curls or chemcially induced curls. When relaxing chemically induced curls, you should always consult a professional.
How can nail mold be detected?
Nail mold occurs appears as a brownish or greenish-color on the natural nail. It is caused by moisture being trapped between a nail extension and the natural nail due to lifting. Proper application an
What is the best brush for fine, thin hair?
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How can I enhance my eyes and still have a soft, natural look?
For a soft, natural look, try using eye shadow instead of eye liner. Apply it as close to your lash line as you can, then softly blend it with a smudge brush. Finish with a coat of a mascara.
What is a clear color gloss?
A color gloss is a gentle, ammonia-free semi-permanent formula that adds luminous clear shine to natural or color-treated hair. It can also mixed with equal parts of color infuser to enhance your natu
I have strawberry blonde hair and want to bring out the natural red highlights. What should I do?
To enhance your natural red highlights, try using a color enhancing shampoo in a red shade or a color glosser for red hair.
For a natural look, where should highlights be applied?
Highlights mimic natural highlights when they are placed around the face an on top of the hair. For best results, visit your salon. To get the look at home, try using a highlighting kit or a spray-in
Are natural bristle brushes better?
Natural bristles, which come from the wild boar, are softer and more flexible than nylon bristles. Boar bristle brushes are especially good for fine, thin or damaged they. They also help to distribute
How can I get a natural look when coloring my gray hair?
Request a demi-permanent haircolor that is one or two levels lighter than your natural color. This type of color will blend your gray and create natural-looking "highlights" where your hair is whitest
Even though my hair is naturally blonde, I have dark roots. What can be done to blend my dark roots with the rest of my natural hair color?
Natural dark roots can look great with blonde hair, but if you want more uniform color, your stylist can apply large patches of highlighting at the roots to blend them with the rest of your hair. Afte
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