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What are the best exfoliators for the body?
Take your pick from a whole range of body exfoliators. Mechanical exfoliators include a range of washcloths, natural and net sponges, bath brushes as well as cleansing grains and scrubs. Chemical exfo
Are products for the body containing AHAs different from formulas for the face?
Body care products, such as skin care lotion and body bath gels containing AHAs, typically contain a lower concentration of AHAs due to the potential for skin sensitivity.
Do I need to use separate self-tanning products on my face and my body?
It's not necessary to use separate products. Savage Bronze Sunless Tanning Mousse produces a perfect tan on both face and body.
Should I apply body creams in the morning and at night?
Generally, a body lotion or cream should be applied after bathing or showering, whether in the morning or at night. However, if you have flaky, dry skin or if you have been in the sun, it is beneficia
Is my body skin the same type as my facial skin?
While the skin is one organ, because certain parts of your body vary in thickness or are more exposed to environmental factors, the skin on your body can sometimes seem like a patchwork of different s
Can I use the same sunscreen on my face and on my body?
You can use the same formula or you can use two different ones. For a great face and body sunscreen, try Beyond Belief Anti-Wrinkle Sun Protection SPF 15 or Beyond Belief Anti-Wrinkle Sun Protection S
Do I need to use separate self-tanning products on my face and my body?
Most sunless self tanning products are formulated for use on face and body, but read the label to be sure. However, a sunless facial self tanner will be formulated specifically for the complexion and
My hair is straight, fine and very thin. Is there a particular shampoo that will give my hair body and fullness?
Try a volumizing shampoo and look for key ingredients, such as Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) which acts to "plump up" the hair shaft, and wheat, rice or soy proteins, which add body and help to strengthen
How long does body hair need to be before waxing?
Hair should be about 1/2 inch long for the wax to take hold well.
What is a "body mask"?
Similar to a facial mask, a body mask is intended to detoxify and refine the skin. After you spend a few minutes in a steamroom, a clay-based mask is applied over all or certain areas of the body. The
What kinds of services are offered at a day spa?
Treatments and charges vary greatly from spa to spa but here are some of the services frequently offered. Facials usually include skin analysis, clarification, cleansing, exfoliation, mask, toning and
Is there a way to curl my hair without using chemicals?
Try roller setting with a body-building product such as Lottabody Setting Lotion or Ultra Sheen Super Setting Lotion. They provide protection and a firmer curl, too!
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