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  • Extra-Wide Jumbo Tint Brush
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  • Extra-Wide Tint Brush with Clear Handle
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Why do makeup pros use a lip brush to apply lipstick?
Makeup pros use a lip brush because it gives a more precise line and smoother coverage. Start applying lip color in the center of your mouth and work outward toward the edges.
What is translucent powder? How is it used and applied?
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How can I best fill in sparse areas in my eyebrows?
You can fill in your brows with light strokes of eyebrow pencil, or you can use an eye shadow in a shade that matches your natural hair color and apply it with a stiff brush.
My lips are thin. How can I make them appear fuller?
To create the illusion of fullness, start by using a pencil lip liner to define the outermost part of your lip line. Apply your lipstick with a professional lip brush, blending the lip liner, and add
What should I use to apply eye shadow, a brush or a sponge applicator?
It's really your preference. Eye shadows that contain a lot of pigment are best applied with a professional eye , which blends strong color well. Eye shadows with less pigment may be applied with a di
I'm going to be married. Are there any special lipstick tips for wedding photos?
Even if you don't usually use one, be sure to use a lip pencil to give your lips definition and help prevent feathering. Use a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color—you want definition, no
What can I use to whiten my toenails?
Yellow and stained toenails can be caused by wearing nail enamel without a base coat, or your nails may appear yellow if you've worn clear or light-color polishes without a UV-inhibiting topcoat. To w
My lips are very full. How can I minimize them?
Full lips are considered beautiful! But if you want to minimize full lips, try using a lip pencil to line the inside of your natural lip line before applying a lipstick or lip gloss in a shade that is
What's the best way to apply eye liner?
First, consider the type of look you're after. Pencil eyeliner gives eyes soft definition, while liquid liner offers precision and drama. If you're using a pencil, sharpen it first with a cosmetic pen
How should I adjust my makeup in the summer?
Keep your overall makeup fresh and natural-looking during summer months. Trying skipping foundation and just using a little concealer where needed. To give your complexion a sun-kissed glow, substitut
What is the best way to apply mascara?
Before applying mascara, select the type that is appropriate for your lashes and the occasion. You have a choice of lengthening, thickening, gentle, conditioning and waterproof formulas, among others.
What are bronzing powders? How should they be used and applied?
Bronzers simulate the look of being "sun-kissed" or lightly tanned. They are golden or bronze-toned powders or creams that work well on a wide variety of skin tones. For a "sun-kissed look," apply br
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