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Black Diamond
Black Diamond Black Diamond Combs manufactured in the U.S.A. are made from DuPont Delrin. Black Diamond Combs offer an alternative to hard rubber combs. Delrin provides great heat resistance but
When should combs be used instead of brushes?
Wide-tooth, detangling combs are best for wet or damp hair. Pintail combs are used for sectioning. teasing and lifting hair. And styling combs are used for parting and styling short hair.
What are piks used for?
Styling piks lift, fluff and add volume without "combing". They finish a style, provide direction or build fullness into the style without pulling the curl out. Picks are also great detanglers when ha
Should a shiner be applied on wet or dry hair?
Because they contain water-soluble silicones, shine products may be applied to dry, damp or wet hair. For curly, coarse hair, comb it through wet hair. To prevent frizz and create a smooth glossy fini
What is "ceramic technology" and why is it important in heated styling tools?
Ceramic technology utilizes hi-tech ceramics because of their ability to retain heat, enabling appliances to reach higher temperatures for instant heat with more even distribution and no damaging hot
When should hair brushes be washed, and when should they be tossed?
Personal hair brushes should be washed on a routine basis, depending on the build-up of natural oils from the scalp and the use of styling products. Use a comb or the Hairart Brush Cleaner to remove h
Should I share my brushes and combs?
Sharing brushes and combs is definitely not recommended for health and hygiene reasons. Wash your hair brushes regularly with a sanitizing brush cleaner.
I always seem to have split ends. Is there something I can apply to my hair to keep the ends from appearing split?
Brushing, combing, heat-styling—even touching your hair—can contribute to split ends. For instant but temporary results, rub a touch of glosser on the ends of your hair. These silicone-based products
What type of comb should be used on wet hair?
Wide-tooth, detangling combs are best for wet or damp hair.
What kind of comb should be used for teasing?
Teasing combs are used to create volume and lift. These special combs have short teeth between the longer teeth to pack hair toward the roots to create fullness and volume in the hair. They also have
I don't want to completely straighten my hair. Is there a way to loosen the curl and add texture?
A "texturizing" relaxer or a mild relaxer combed through the hair and left for about 10-12 minutes will loosen the curl. Kits made specifically for this include Pro-Line Comb-Thru Texturizer and Luste
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