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Krest Krest combs are multi-purpose combs that are gentle on hair and reduce styling stress that can break or damage hair. Wet or dry hair glides through removing tangles or snarls. Resists chemi
Tool Structure
Tool Structure An assortment of essential combs in 50+ variations of styles to cater to the professionals’ needs or everyday use. Tool Structure combs are extremely affordable and are made with d
When should combs be used instead of brushes?
Wide-tooth, detangling combs are best for wet or damp hair. Pintail combs are used for sectioning. teasing and lifting hair. And styling combs are used for parting and styling short hair.
Comare The Comare product line of combs was established on three basic principles: Creativity, Design and Celcon. Celcon is strong yet flexible, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant and virtually unb
Antonio's Antonio's styling combs have been specially designed for the natural hair, afro multicultural market. These long lasting, finely polished combs and piks provide gentle smoothness withou
What type of comb should be used on wet hair?
Wide-tooth, detangling combs are best for wet or damp hair.
Black Diamond
Black Diamond Black Diamond Combs offer an alternative to hard rubber combs. Made from DuPont Delrin, which provides great heat resistance but unlike hard rubber Delrin will not become brittle with
What comb or pick should I use for permed or relaxed hair?
Use a wide-tooth comb or pick, preferably one coated at the tips. Try the versatile Marianna Super Styler comb, a double-sided comb and a pick on one end. All teeth are dipped to protect from snagging
I think my perm is over-processed. What can I do!
If hair is excessively curly, hard to comb when wet, fuzzy textured and rough feeling when dry, it has been over-processed. In extreme cases, the hair is matted, making it very difficult to comb and s
What are piks used for?
Styling piks lift, fluff and add volume without "combing". They finish a style, provide direction or build fullness into the style without pulling the curl out. Picks are also great detanglers when ha
What kind of comb should be used for teasing?
Teasing combs are used to create volume and lift. These special combs have short teeth between the longer teeth to pack hair toward the roots to create fullness and volume in the hair. They also have
Can I use a hot comb on chemically treated hair?
Yes. When using a hot comb on chemically treated hair, it is important to use a lower heat setting and always use a protective leave-in treatment prior to use.
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