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  • Curlformers Long & Narrow
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  • Curlformers Long & Wide 40 Piece Styling Kit
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What is the difference between a relaxer and a curl rearranger?
A relaxer straightens the hair while a curl rearranger re-forms a tight curl into a looser, more manageable curl.
Is there a relaxer that can remove or loosen natural or chemically induced curls?
Sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide relaxers can loosen natural curls or chemcially induced curls. When relaxing chemically induced curls, you should always consult a professional.
Does a relaxer curl or straighten hair? What is the difference?
A relaxer is designed to straighten hair. A curl product (a "perm") first straightens the hair, then a waving lotion or "booster" is used with rollers to curl the hair. After curling, the hair is then
What is a test curl?
During a perm, your stylist will unwind one of the perm rods to check the development of the curl during processing. This test curl should form an "S" shape indicating that the desired curl pattern ha
On a curl, do I use an activator or moisturizer first?
For a new curl, apply the moisturizer first, which helps combat the drying effect a curl has on hair. Then, follow a program of applying an activator every morning to "activate" the curl pattern while
Can relaxed hair be chemically curled? Can curled hair be relaxed?
Relaxed hair cannot be chemically curled, but curled hair can be relaxed. The two processes are different and you should consult a professional before you try to relax your curled hair because imprope
What is a reverse perm?
A reverse perm is actually the process of taking curl OUT of hair. It can be used to change a naturally tight curl to a looser curl. It is often referred to as retexturizing.
I need something to revive my perm. It's only a few weeks old, and it has gone limp. What can I do?
Our Nature's Therapy Perfect Curls line of products are specifically formulated to enhance your curls. Nature's Therapy Perfect Curls Defining Creme moisturizes and reshapes hair for a vibrant health
What is the best way to dry a roller set for long-lasting curl?
For long-lasting curl, it's important to first prep hair with a product that will give hair long-lasting hold. Use a setting lotion on damp hair; or a styling spray on dry hair. As to drying, the most
I don't want to completely straighten my hair. Is there a way to loosen the curl and add texture?
A "texturizing" relaxer or a mild relaxer combed through the hair and left for about 10-12 minutes will loosen the curl. Kits made specifically for this include Pro-Line Comb-Thru Texturizer and Luste
Is it safe to use a curling iron on hair that has just been permed?
Yes. When using a curling iron, use a thermal protectant on hair, like Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner, before curling. Adjust the heat setting to "low" and wind curl. Count to 12 and release
What is the best curling iron size to use for black hair?
Size depends on the length of hair, the desired fullness or tightness of curl. Use larger-barrel irons (1" - 1-1/2") for longer hair, volume, waves and looser curl. Use smaller-barrel irons (1/2" - 1"
How do I know what size of roller to use?
When choosing rollers, remember that the curl size is proportionate to the roller size. So, for tight curls, use small diameter rollers; for larger, softer curls use larger sized rollers.
Is there a way to curl my hair without using chemicals?
Try roller setting with a body-building product such as Lottabody Setting Lotion or Ultra Sheen Super Setting Lotion. They provide protection and a firmer curl, too!
What is the best size curling iron to use on bangs to curl them back?
For curling and directing bangs, use a ceramic curling iron with a 5/8" or 3/4" barrel size.
I have relaxed hair. What type of hair regime should I follow?
For relaxed hair, shampoo once a week, use a rinse-out conditioner and a leave-in conditioner twice a week. Use a hairdressing or oil sheen daily. For natural or thermally-styled hair, shampoo once a
What is the safest way to grow out a curly perm?
To grow out a curly perm, keep your hair maintained with curl maintenance products. Wash and condition regularly and moisturize the new growth. Then have your hair trimmed every 8 weeks as new growth
What is the best iron for creating spiral curls?
For best results, try a spiral iron, a special iron specifically designed to create spiral curls, If you want to use a regular spring iron, select an iron with a 1" or smaller barrel. Wrap sections of
What is a spiral perm?
A spiral perm means that shoulder-length or longer hair is rolled onto the perm rod vertically, resulting in a corkscrew-type curl. Spiral perms can also be used to create an explosion of curls. For a
What are flex-rod curlers, and how do you use them?
Flexible super rollers are long, foam-cushioned rods that bend in any direction and can be used for setting hair or perming. They create soft, natural curls without pins or clips and are perfect for s
Can African-Americans use any type of perm product?
Yes. Generally speaking, perm products may be used on all hair types, depending on the hair's condition. Chemically, a curl product and a conventional alkaline permanent wave have the same active ingr
Can I color my relaxed (or curled) hair?
Sure you can! But double-processing is tough on any hair, and double-processing relaxed hair can be especially dangerous. The best recommendation is usually not permanent hair color. Use semi-permanen
What type of hair tool can be used to give me the same effect as a roller?
If you are looking for a non-electrical tool, try a round brush with a ceramic or metal core designed to be used with a blow dryer. Round brushes are available in a variety of barrel sizes to achieve
Even when I let my naturally curly hair air dry, it frizzes and looks messy! What can I do?
Use hair care and styling products specifically made to enhance curly hair and tame unruly frizz. Most curly hair product systems include moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a curl creme and a curl
My hair has a slight curl, making it hard for me to style. What product can help me manage my hair better?
To give your hair more curl, use hair care and styling products designed to boost and enhance curly hair. If you want to wear your hair straighter, use a straighening balm before blow-drying your hair
How do magnetic rollers differ from self-holding rollers?
Magnetic rollers have a smooth surface that creates smooth, long-lasting curls. Hair clings easily to the roller's surface for faster wet sets. Available in a variety of sizes, the vented design decre
What is a bisulfate perm?
This is another form of chemical compound that has the potential to curl hair.
Is there a perm on the market that is chemical-free?
No. A perm must have chemicals in it to break the disulfide bonds in the hair and then rearrange them into the new, desired curl pattern.
What can I use instead of hot rollers to achieve quick curls?
A ceramic curling iron is a good, quick alternative.
What is the best way to dry black hair without taking out the curl or producing frizz?
Allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser and blow dryer, with the temperature set on "cool."
What can I put on my curl so it doesn't look wet?
Try a lighter formula activator and moisturizer like Wave Nouveau Finishing Mist or Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion.
What brush is the best for a flip or pageboy?
To turn the ends of your hair over or under, use a round brush. Use a small barrel round brush for more curl; use large barrel brush for gentle curves.
How do I get volume without curl using rollers?
Use the largest-sized roller that will fit your hair. Both Velcro or magnetic rollers are perfect for creating smooth volume.
What are steam rollers and how are they different from hot rollers?
A steam setter uses moisture to lock in curls, while hot rollers use dry heat. The benefit of steam rollers comes from the moisture of the steam. As the steam cools, it evaporates and moisturizes the
What is the difference between a hot air styling brush and a curling iron?
A hot air brush works like more like a blow dryer and brush combined, than like a curling iron. Warm air is forced through a vented barrel which has "teeth" to grab the hair and style while drying. H
My stylist uses a heat lamp to dry my hair. What can I use at home to get the same effect?
ionic ceramic dryer with a diffuser attachment will achieve the same effect as a heat lamp. A diffuser is perfect for drying curls without creating frizz.
Can a curling iron be used daily without damaging hair?
For the most minimal damage from daily use, choose an ionic ceramic curling iron and prep hair before curling with a daily leave in conditioner or a heat protection spray.
What are the indications that my hair has been relaxed unevenly?
Frizziness, hair that does not lay flat on the scalp when wet, or uneven curl remaining in sections of the hair all indicate that hair has been relaxed unevenly.
Will maintenance products affect my hair color results?
Conditioners, scalp creams, styling products, moisturizers, etc., should not affect your hair color. If you have semi-permanent hair color and are using a glycerin based curl activator, your color cou
My stylist suggested I try a weave perm. What is it?
A weave perm waves only part of the hair to provide fullness and curves rather than curl. It is not an easy perm to do, so be sure your stylist is skilled.
Can I wash my hair after my perm?
If you shampoo immediately after perming, you can relax the curl. Wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair. Until then, wear a hat or pull hair back with a pretty hair accessory.
Can I use a blow dryer right after my perm?
You can use a blow dryer after your perm, but it is best to use a low setting and a diffuser. If you brush your hair while drying and pull it straight, you risk relaxing the curl.
What are piks used for?
Styling piks lift, fluff and add volume without "combing". They finish a style, provide direction or build fullness into the style without pulling the curl out. Picks are also great detanglers when ha
How can I make my dry, curly hair shine?
To give curly hair added shine, try a lusterizing curl creme. These products are designed to define curls, add moisture and tame frizz, as well as add shine.
I live on the Gulf Coast, and it is so humid my curls turn to frizz. What can I do?
Use an anti-frizz glosser to smooth and seal the cuticle and prevent hair from turning frizzy. For optimum results, apply to wet hair and comb through evenly.
My hair is short and straight. How can I wear it curly without a perm?
For a curly look on very short hair, create pin curls with bob pins or curl clips. To give the style more modern texture, finish with a styling wax.
Which curling iron is best for achieving curly styles?
The shorter the hair, the smaller the barrel size needed for curly results. The barrel size should increase in relation to the length of hair, up to a 1" barrel. Larger than that will not achieve a ti
Which curling iron is best for achieving wavy results?
To create soft waves, use a large-barrel spring iron. The bigger the barrel, the softer the curl will be. Try a 1", 1-1/2", or a 2". For romantic ripple waves, try a triple barrel waver. This iron cre
What is "titanium technology" and why is it used in hair styling tools?
Titanium is a light, strong metal that exhibits excellent stability at high temperatures. Titanium surfaces are combined with ionic composites for enhanced negative ion release, resulting in silky, f
Is there a special hot styling tool that creates waves, rather than curls?
Yes! A triple barrel wave iron creates romantic, rippled waves. To use it, simply, section hair in layers and work with one-inch to two-inch sections. Place the iron horizontally; press and hold for a
What type of hot rollers should be used on thin, flyaway hair?
Steam rollers are a great solution for thin, flyaway hair. They are easier to use and keep in the hair because the sponge roller has a clamp which covers the entire curl. They also produce a long-las
I relaxed my hair, but as soon as I shampooed it, the curliness came right back. What happened?
The relaxing process may have been stopped too soon. When that happens, it can look like the hair is completely relaxed, but when it is rinsed and shampooed, the natural curl is still there. The proce
My new perm is too curly. What can I do to relax it a little?
First, condition hair immediately, then blow-dry hair using a large round brush. You may also need to set hair on large rollers. If your perm is still too curly, ask you stylist about a curl reducing
How should I treat my hair after I shampoo my new perm?
Gently blot excess water from your hair. Then spray with a light leave-in treatment, like For Perms Only CurlIt Up or Ion Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner, because they won't weigh curls down. Avoid pu
My stylist said he would clarify my hair before perming it. What is this service?
Before perming, your stylist will shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo or give you a clarifying treatment to eliminate mineral or styling product build-up on the hair. These clarifying shampoos
What special products should I use after I perm my hair?
Permed hair may need extra conditioning. Try Quantum Moisturizing Shampoo for Permed, Color-Treated Hair and Quantum Moisturizing Conditioner for Permed, Color-Treated Hair. Both are formulated for ev
What are eyelash curlers? How are they used?
are mechanical devices that bend the eyelashes, causing eyes to appear larger and lashes longer. Use an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. There are several different eyelash curlers on the mark
My naturally curly hair is too tight to style! What products and methods are available to soften my curls?
You can soften curly hair and make it easier to style by wrapping it on large-sized rollers or a large-barrel curling iron. For a longer-lasting change, ask your stylist about a curl remover service o
I have a hard time managing my shoulder-length curly hair. Any advice?
The most important thing you can do is to go to a stylist who is experienced cutting curly hair and get a great cut! At home, use products designed for curly hair to maintain moisture and control whil
Which is better for fine, thin hair, hot rollers or a curling iron?
For everyday use, a ceramic curling iron leaves hair silky and smooth with less damage than traditional curling irons. If you prefer a heat setter for curls or waves with added volume, choose a steam
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