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What is the difference between a relaxer and a curl rearranger?
A relaxer straightens the hair while a curl rearranger re-forms a tight curl into a looser, more manageable curl.
Is there a relaxer that can remove or loosen natural or chemically induced curls?
Sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide relaxers can loosen natural curls or chemcially induced curls. When relaxing chemically induced curls, you should always consult a professional.
Does a relaxer curl or straighten hair? What is the difference?
A relaxer is designed to straighten hair. A curl product (a "perm") first straightens the hair, then a waving lotion or "booster" is used with rollers to curl the hair. After curling, the hair is then
What is a test curl?
During a perm, your stylist will unwind one of the perm rods to check the development of the curl during processing. This test curl should form an "S" shape indicating that the desired curl pattern ha
On a curl, do I use an activator or moisturizer first?
For a new curl, apply the moisturizer first, which helps combat the drying effect a curl has on hair. Then, follow a program of applying an activator every morning to "activate" the curl pattern while
Can relaxed hair be chemically curled? Can curled hair be relaxed?
Relaxed hair cannot be chemically curled, but curled hair can be relaxed. The two processes are different and you should consult a professional before you try to relax your curled hair because imprope
What is a reverse perm?
A reverse perm is actually the process of taking curl OUT of hair. It can be used to change a naturally tight curl to a looser curl. It is often referred to as retexturizing.
I need something to revive my perm. It's only a few weeks old, and it has gone limp. What can I do?
Our Nature's Therapy Perfect Curls line of products are specifically formulated to enhance your curls. Nature's Therapy Perfect Curls Defining Creme moisturizes and reshapes hair for a vibrant health
What is the best way to dry a roller set for long-lasting curl?
For long-lasting curl, it's important to first prep hair with a product that will give hair long-lasting hold. Use a setting lotion on damp hair; or a styling spray on dry hair. As to drying, the most
I don't want to completely straighten my hair. Is there a way to loosen the curl and add texture?
A "texturizing" relaxer or a mild relaxer combed through the hair and left for about 10-12 minutes will loosen the curl. Kits made specifically for this include Pro-Line Comb-Thru Texturizer and Luste
Is it safe to use a curling iron on hair that has just been permed?
Yes. When using a curling iron, use a thermal protectant on hair, like Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner, before curling. Adjust the heat setting to "low" and wind curl. Count to 12 and release
What is the best curling iron size to use for black hair?
Size depends on the length of hair, the desired fullness or tightness of curl. Use larger-barrel irons (1" - 1-1/2") for longer hair, volume, waves and looser curl. Use smaller-barrel irons (1/2" - 1"
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