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Does the temperature of the water I use to wash/rinse my hair affect how long my hair color will last?
Use warm-to-tepid water to rinse the hair to protect your hair color.
In addition to a color rinse, what other type of temporary hair color is available?
Besides temporary color rinse, you will find temporary color mousse, color spray and temporary hair color touch-up stick.
My hair color is fading. Can I revive it?
You can revive fading color temporarily by using a color enhancing shampoo or a color rinse.
How long does a color rinse last?
A color rinse is considered temporary hair color, which means the color coats but does not penetrate the hair and generally lasts only through one to two shampoos. Although there is no chemical reacti
What are my options as I'm growing out my permanent haircolor?
A temporary hair color rinse will help blend the color, but must be applied after every shampoo. For a more long-lasting solution, try a semi-permanent hair color, which lasts up to six shampoos, in a
I've heard that red fades faster than other hair color. What can I do to keep it vibrant?
Red hair color does tend to fade a little more quickly than other hair color, but up to 45% of all hair color loss is attributed to shampooing, so be sure to use a color safe shampoo that has been sp
Will a perm change my hair color?
A perm should not change your natural hair color. Many perms do fade color-treated hair. Your stylist should rinse hair thoroughly to remove all perm solution from hair to prevent any color fading.
Do I still need to color my hair if I use a color-enhancing shampoo?
Color-enhancing shampoosare formulated to maintain the brightness and tone of color-treated hair. They are not designed to cover gray or lighten natural hair color. If you want temporary hair color, t
I would like to experiment with a new hair color. What will give me a bit of color, yet not be permanent?
Try a temporary color rinse to give your hair a new tone that will shampoo out, so there's no commitment. If you want to try something a little more long-lasting, step up to semi-permanent hair color
After a perm, my hair always looks dull and lighter than its original color. What can I do?
Make sure your stylist is thoroughly rinsing the perm solution from your hair, because applying a neutralizer over the perm solution can cause dryness and lighten hair color. Consider using a color-en
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