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Is there a shampoo that will make my hair grow faster?
No shampoo will make hair grow faster. General good health along with hair and scalp hygiene and conditioning are the best hair growth aids. There are, however, thickening shampoos that add fullness
I'm getting a two-toned effect with my hair color four weeks after permanent color was applied. Shouldn't hair color last longer than this?
How long hair color lasts depends on how porous the hair is, how much gray it contains, how fast it grows and what haircolor was used. The color may fade if it's exposed to sun for long periods and if
How often does red haircolor need to be touched up?
Consistent touch-ups every four to five weeks are important with reds. If you wait too long between touch-ups—i.e. when new growth is over half an inch—your body heat may process the color closest to
I'm interested in having my hair chemically straightened, but I don't completely understand the process. Exactly what does relaxing involve?
When a woman's hair is relaxed, it is chemically straightened. A relaxer works by penetrating into the cortex and breaking the strong chemical bonds that make hair curly. Relaxing hair begins by prote
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