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  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers 0.42 oz.
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    4.7/5 (120)
  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers 0.97 oz.
    Save $2
    4.8/5 (44)
  • Toppik Hair Fibers Dark Brown
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    4.7/5 (120)
  • Nutri-Ox Shampoo for Chemically-Treated Hair
    4.1/5 (17)
  • VoluMedic Shampoo
    5.0/5 (2)
  • Nutri-Ox Cleansing Shampoo
    4.5/5 (12)
  • Nutri-Ox Starter Kit for Noticably Thin Hair Color Treated Hair
    4.0/5 (3)
  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers Travel Size
    5.0/5 (2)
  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers Travel Size Dark Brown
    5.0/5 (2)
  • VoluMedic Moisturizing Shampoo
  • My DNA Hydrating CoWash
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    Buy 2 Get 1 Free
    5.0/5 (3)
  • Nutri-Ox Starter Kit for Noticably Thin for Normal Hair
    5.0/5 (2)
What shampoo is best for color-treated hair?
Shampoos that are designed to control color loss are lower in pH, ranging from 2.5 to 4, which forces the cuticle of the hair to close, thus enabling the hair to retain its color. Try Ion Color Soluti
I have dry hair. What shampoo should I use?
For dry hair, use a moisturizing shampoo which cleans and conditions. Moisturizing shampoos contain humectants and/or rinse-out conditioners that help prevent moisture loss by closing the hair cuticle
I've heard that red fades faster than other hair color. What can I do to keep it vibrant?
Red hair color does tend to fade a little more quickly than other hair color, but up to 45% of all hair color loss is attributed to shampooing, so be sure to use a color safe shampoo that has been sp
Hair One
Hair One Hair One is a salon quality product that provides a new, natural approach to hair care and hair detox and leaves hair cleansed, conditioned and in optimum shape. With no damaging deterge
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