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  • GVP Liquid Sculpting Gel compare to Sebastian Wet
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  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers 0.42 oz.
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  • Roux Rejuvenating Keratin Strengthening Shampoo
    Triple Keratin Complex
    Free Hair Care
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  • GVP Generic Value Products Cream compare to Paul Mitchell The Cream
    • $7.49
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    4.4/5 (17)
  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers 0.97 oz.
    Save $2
    4.8/5 (46)
  • Roux Rejuvenating Keratin Strengthening Conditioner
    Triple Keratin Complex
  • Balancing Moisturizer
    Free Moisturizer
  • Toppik Hair Fibers Dark Brown
    best seller
    Save $2
    4.7/5 (120)
  • ion Volume Shampoo
    This item featured on Project Runway
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  • Biotera Ultra Thick and Full Sheer Volume Shampoo
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    4.8/5 (5)
  • ion Thickening Styler
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    4.3/5 (8)
Ion Thickening Solutions
--> Ion Thickening Solutions Enhances and improve thinning hair with Ion Thickening Solutions. These enhanced formulas add all-over thickness and volume while helping to protect fine and thinn
Is it true that dry shampoos are good for thickening hair?
Besides refreshing and cleansing, dry shampoos do add thickness and texture to hair.
Is there a shampoo that will make my hair grow faster?
No shampoo will make hair grow faster. General good health along with hair and scalp hygiene and conditioning are the best hair growth aids. There are, however, thickening shampoos that add fullness
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