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Is there a special technique for rolling hair?
To correctly roll hair, hold a section at a 45-degree angle from where hair is parted, and roll hair directly back to the head. The hair should be taut, but not pulled too tightly. Prep damp hair with
Is there a hair color product that also conditions hair?
Most professional hair color products today contain conditioning ingredients, including permanent hair color. Deposit-only semi-permanent hair color and longer-lasting demi-permanent hair color are al
If I trim my facial hair, will it grow back thicker?
Trimming cuts the hair shaft, which gives hair a blunter tip but does not affect the way it grows. To remove facial hair, use a facial hair remover, such as a cream depilatory or wax strips designed f
What's wrong with using regular bar soap to shampoo my hair?
Hair is on the more acid side of pH, while bar soap tends to be alkaline, which is harsher on hair and could strip hair color.
What type of hair is used in hair extensions?
Most hair extensions are made of 100% human hair from India or China. Because East Indian hair is finer than Chinese hair, it more closely resembles Caucasian hair. Many extensions are made of both Ea
Does the temperature of the water I use to wash/rinse my hair affect how long my hair color will last?
Use warm-to-tepid water to rinse the hair to protect your hair color.
Will horse shampoos make my hair grow?
There is no shampoo product available that will make hair grow.
How should I treat my hair after I shampoo it?
Gentle handling is important to maintaining healthy hair. After washing, blot hair, don't rub hair dry. Rubbing can cause tangling and even break brittle hair. Comb hair with a wide-tooth comb, holdin
My hair is board straight. What is the best brush for me?
Use a paddle brush to smooth straight hair and add shine.
Are professional hair color products tested on animals?
No, professional hair color is not tested on animals.
What is the best method to remove hair from the nose and ears?
Nose hair should be clipped with round-tipped facial hair scissors or a battery-operated nose hair trimmer. Nose hairs should not be waxed! Ear hairs can be waxed or tweezed, but it is quite uncomfort
How can you prevent overprocessing your hair?
Relax, perm or color your hair only when needed—when there is sufficient NEW growth to warrant the service. When coloring chemically treated hair, use a semi-permanent or long-lasting semi-permanent h
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