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Is it true that dry shampoos are good for thickening hair?
Besides refreshing and cleansing, dry shampoos do add thickness and texture to hair.
I have heard that storing nail polish in the refrigerator will prolong the shelf life. Is this true?
No. It is not recommended to store polish in the refrigerator because it can cause it to thicken. Once taken out of the cold, it could take quite awhile to warm up to room temperature. Today's polish
Is there a shampoo that will make my hair grow faster?
No shampoo will make hair grow faster. General good health along with hair and scalp hygiene and conditioning are the best hair growth aids. There are, however, thickening shampoos that add fullness
What can I use to prevent my nails from splitting?
For a short-term solution, liquid nail wrap products containing silk or nylon fibers, when applied to the natural nail, can provide external thickening and temporary strengthening. For a long-term sol
When I apply mascara, it clumps. What can I do?
This problem could be partially due to the type of mascara you are using. Mascara termed "lash thickeners" or "lash builders" tend to be thicker and may clump more easily. There are two solutions to t
What is Photoaging?
"Photoaging" refers to the skin damage often associated with aging but actually incurred through sun exposure. Exposure to ultraviolet light causes the skin to thicken, resulting in a "leathery" appea
When I apply nail polish, it often bubbles, what causes this?
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What is the best way to apply mascara?
Before applying mascara, select the type that is appropriate for your lashes and the occasion. You have a choice of lengthening, thickening, gentle, conditioning and waterproof formulas, among others.
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