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Sally Beauty Pro Sale Flyer
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Meet Sally Beauty
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Sally History Page 7
1994 - 1,200 Sally stores.Launches “CelebHead” national survey on best star hairstyles and consumer beauty tr
Sally History Page 14
2005 - Gary Winterhalter is promoted to President of Sally Beauty Company from Pre
Stock & Investing Information
For stock and investing information, please visit the investing section of the Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. Web site:
General Information
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Corporate Gift Cards
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Sally History Page 13
2005 - The largest distributor of beauty products in the world, Sally Beauty moves into its new Denton headquarters. Each
Is conditioning important for color-treated hair?
Yes, conditioners seal the hair's surface, returning it to its normal pH level, helping to maintain beautiful, healthy hair. Try Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme from L'Oreal.
How do you get unmelted wax out of the well of the wax warmer?
To keep your wax warmer clean, use a special wax cleaner, available at Sally Beauty, and a soft cloth.
Sally Beauty Canada Sale Flyer
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My 10 year old daughter wants her hair relaxed. Is she too young?
Years ago, relaxers for children were unsafe and unpredictable. Today, relaxers are much gentler on the hair and scalp and can be controlled. In fact, several manufacturers make relaxer kits just for
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