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  • Instant Heat 12 Roller Ceramic Hair Setter Canada Compliant
    Conair Professional
  • Porcelain Series 12 Piece Roller Hair Setter
    Conair Professional
  • 30 Roller Hairsetter
    • $74.95
    • Sale $59.99
How long should hot rollers heat up before using them?
Most hair setters have either a "ready dot" on the individual rollers themselves or an indicator light that goes on when rollers are ready to use. Hot rollers are heated on posts which are designed to
What are steam rollers and how are they different from hot rollers?
A steam setter uses moisture to lock in curls, while hot rollers use dry heat. The benefit of steam rollers comes from the moisture of the steam. As the steam cools, it evaporates and moisturizes the
What type of hot rollers should be used on thin, flyaway hair?
Steam rollers are a great solution for thin, flyaway hair. They are easier to use and keep in the hair because the sponge roller has a clamp which covers the entire curl. They also produce a long-las
Caruso Create voluminous curls with tons of shine with Caruso Professional products. New ionic technology creates potent ion activity to produce up to three times the amount of steam produced by
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