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  • Porcelain Series 12 Piece Roller Hair Setter
    Conair Professional
    • $42.99
    • Sale $29.99
  • ProSet Steam Hairsetter
    • $48.99
    • Beauty Club Card $43.99
  • Hairsetter with 20 Flocked Rollers
    Hot Shot Tools
    • $59.99
    • Sale $49.99
  • Gold Series Marcel Iron
    Hot Shot Tools
    • $38.99
    • Beauty Club Card $36.99
  • Champion Salon Pro Roller Clips
    Conair Professional
    • $6.29
    • Beauty Club Card $5.49
  • Assorted Hot Roller Clips
    Pro Touch
    • $4.59
    • Beauty Club Card $4.39
  • Porcelain Series Jumbo Rollers 6 Pack
    Conair Professional
    • $12.99
    • Beauty Club Card $11.99
  • Molecular Hair Rollers
    • $19.99
    • Beauty Club Card $16.99
  • Super Setting Lotion
    • $3.59
    • Beauty Club Card $3.39
    Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Super Setting Lotion
    Ultra Sheen
    • $4.59
    • Beauty Club Card $4.29
  • Instant Heat 12 Roller Ceramic Hair Setter Canada Compliant
    Conair Professional
    • $42.99
    • Beauty Club Card $40.99
  • 30 Roller Hairsetter
    • $74.95
    • Sale $59.99
Which is better for fine, thin hair, hot rollers or a curling iron?
For everyday use, a ceramic curling iron leaves hair silky and smooth with less damage than traditional curling irons. If you prefer a heat setter for curls or waves with added volume, choose a steam
What are steam rollers and how are they different from hot rollers?
A steam setter uses moisture to lock in curls, while hot rollers use dry heat. The benefit of steam rollers comes from the moisture of the steam. As the steam cools, it evaporates and moisturizes the
What type of hot rollers should be used on thin, flyaway hair?
Steam rollers are a great solution for thin, flyaway hair. They are easier to use and keep in the hair because the sponge roller has a clamp which covers the entire curl. They also produce a long-las
How long should hot rollers heat up before using them?
Most hair setters have either a "ready dot" on the individual rollers themselves or an indicator light that goes on when rollers are ready to use. Hot rollers are heated on posts which are designed to
How do magnetic rollers differ from self-holding rollers?
Magnetic rollers have a smooth surface that creates smooth, long-lasting curls. Hair clings easily to the roller's surface for faster wet sets. Available in a variety of sizes, the vented design decre
What can I use instead of hot rollers to achieve quick curls?
A ceramic curling iron is a good, quick alternative.
What is a good way to set dry hair?
To set dry hair, spray one-inch to two-inch sections of hair with styling spray and roll on Velcro rollers. Apply blow-dryer heat for a few minutes and allow rollers to thoroughly cool befoe you remo
What type of hair tool can be used to give me the same effect as a roller?
If you are looking for a non-electrical tool, try a round brush with a ceramic or metal core designed to be used with a blow dryer. Round brushes are available in a variety of barrel sizes to achieve
Is there a way to curl my hair without using chemicals?
Try roller setting with a body-building product such as Lottabody Setting Lotion or Ultra Sheen Super Setting Lotion. They provide protection and a firmer curl, too!
Is it okay to apply gel or hairspray before using hot rollers?
It is okay prep dry hair with a little gel mist or styling spray before using hot rollers if you want more hold.
I like a curved, sleek look, but my fine, thin hair droops by the end of the day. What perm will give me this sleek look that lasts?
Body waves can help you achieve smooth curves because they' provide the volume needed to hold the look. For best results, set hair on large rollers.
What are flex-rod curlers, and how do you use them?
Flexible super rollers are long, foam-cushioned rods that bend in any direction and can be used for setting hair or perming. They create soft, natural curls without pins or clips and are perfect for s
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