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  • 4 Piece Fiji Collection Kit
  • Color Acrylic Quick Dip Kit
  • Student Starter Kit
  • Quick Dip Powder System Kit
  • Radical Bleach Kit
    Beyond the Zone
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  • Jel Permanent Hair Color Kit
    Innovative Beauty Products
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  • Perfect Arch Brow Grooming Kit
    Femme Couture
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  • Rapid Repair Kit
  • Absolute Perfection Pro Kit
  • Nude French Nail Kit
    Nail Bliss
  • Airbrush Make-Up Kit
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  • Essentials Clipper & Trimmer Kit
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  • Hair Color Tint Bowl Kit
  • Curlformers Extra Long and Wide 40 Piece Styling Kit
    Hair Flair
  • Mini Pro Waxing Kit
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  • Soft Side Complete Beauty School Kit With Hairdryer
  • Highlighting Kit
    Blond Brilliance
  • Heat Exxpress Thermal Styling Kit Black
    Heat Exxpress
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  • Soak Off Gel Polish Complete Starter Kit
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  • Odorless Acrylic Kit
    Beauty Secrets
  • 5 Second Simply French Tip Kit
  • Flash Lightening 30 Volume Bleach Kit
    Manic Panic
  • Gel Nail Kit
    Nail Bliss
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  • Sculpted Acrylic French Nail Kit
    Nail Bliss
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  • Olive Miracle Regular Relaxer Kit
    African Pride
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  • Soft Side Complete Beauty School Student Kit
  • Flash Lightening 40 Volume Bleach Kit
    Manic Panic
  • MINI Basix Kit
  • Acme United Personal Protection Blood Spill Kit
  • Moisture Renewal Kit
    Silk Elements
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  • Styling Comb Kit
    Tool Structure
  • Heat Exxpress 7+1 Thermal Styling Kit
    Heat Exxpress
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  • Styling Comb Kit
    Silk Elements
  • Frosting/Tipping Cap Kit
    Conair Professional
  • Bleach & Toner Kit
    N Rage
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment
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  • Curlformers Long and Wide 40 Piece Styling Kit
    Hair Flair
  • Extremely Thin  Chemically Treated Hair Starter Kit
    Nutri Ox
  • Brazilian Bikini Hard Wax Kit
  • Haircolor Tool Kit
    Manic Panic
  • Beauty School Mani Pedi Kit
  • MINI Starter Kit
  • Press-on Toe Nail Kit
    Nail Bliss
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  • Curlformers Extra Wide and Long 24 Piece Styling Kit
    Hair Flair
  • Perfect Blond Anti Yellow Kit
    Blond Brilliance
  • Surgi-Wax Brazilian Wax Kit
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  • No Lye Argan Oil Relaxer Kit
    Creme of Nature
  • Modlash Starter Kit #53
  • Nail Recovery Kit
    Nail Tek
  • All In One Clip In Kit
    Satin Strands
    • $9.99
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  • Extremely Thin Normal Hair Starter Kit
    Nutri Ox
  • Disposable Pedicure Kit
  • Hair Extensions Night Care Kit
    Satin Strands
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  • S Curl Regular Texturizer Kit
  • 30 Day Starter Kit
  • Basic Starter Acrylic Kit
  • S Curl Extra Strength Texturizer Kit
  • Roll On Replacement Kit
    clean + easy
  • Odorless Acrylic Kit CALI
    Beauty Secrets
  • Dotting Marbleizing Tool Kit
    Cina Nail Creations
    • $10.49
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I don't want to completely straighten my hair. Is there a way to loosen the curl and add texture?
A "texturizing" relaxer or a mild relaxer combed through the hair and left for about 10-12 minutes will loosen the curl. Kits made specifically for this include Pro-Line Comb-Thru Texturizer and Luste
Is there a waxing system that is easy to use at home?
A microwavable roll-on waxer is easy to use. It glides on smoothly and evenly, applying right amount of wax on desired area. It leaves no mess and requires no strips or accessories. There are several
I like the look of a French Manicure, but can't always keep my salon appointment. What can I purchase to use at home?
Try using a French manicure kit at home. It contains everything your need: tip guides; two shades of polish; basecoat and topcoat.
Is a nail fungus contagious?
Nail fungus can be contagious if proper precautions are not taken. For example, if a nail file is used on a nail with a fungus and then used on another person, the fungus could also be spread. Having
I love the look of false eyelashes for special occasions. How do I choose and apply them?
If you're new to eyelashes, start with an eyelash kit or choose band lashes, which are designed to look like individual lashed but are all on one band for easier application.
For a natural look, where should highlights be applied?
Highlights mimic natural highlights when they are placed around the face an on top of the hair. For best results, visit your salon. To get the look at home, try using a highlighting kit or a spray-in
What is a French Manicure?
A French manicure combines a pale pink polish base with white nail enamel on the tips to simulate the look of natural nails with a polished finish. Visit your salon for a professional French manicure
What is the difference between lye and no-lye relaxers?
The difference is in the type of chemicals used. In lye relaxers, the active ingredient is sodium hydroxide. In no-lye relaxers, the active ingredient is calcium hydroxide. No-lye relaxer is usually a
My 10 year old daughter wants her hair relaxed. Is she too young?
Years ago, relaxers for children were unsafe and unpredictable. Today, relaxers are much gentler on the hair and scalp and can be controlled. In fact, several manufacturers make relaxer kits just for
I have dirty blonde hair. How can I mimic the natural blonde highlights I used to have as a child?
For a natural sun-streaked look, ask your hairdresser apply create highlights around your face and on the top of your hair. To get the look at home, try using a highlighting kit or a spray-in lightene
I've always wanted to color my hair red or blonde. Is there a believable shade of red or blonde for me?
There is a shade of hair color for everyone! The key is knowing whether you should go for an orange cast or a golden shade. Ask yourself what hue your hair turns in the summer. Does it have a red or b
What are some of the different methods for highlighting hair?
Hair highlighting lightens and brightens hair. Highlighting can look subtle and natural or bold and obvious. You stylist will lighten and tone sections of hair for best results. Foil highlights involv
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