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How can I prevent my hair from breaking at the nape after it has been relaxed?
Hair breakage at the nape of the neck could be a result of pulling hair back too tightly, sleeping in jewelry, wool collars on coats in winter, and most important, improper rinsing and neutralizing du
What is the most effective way to clean normal skin?
For normal skin, look for a gentle, non-soap, foaming cleanser. Using a circular motion, massage your face with your fingertips or a soft, clean washcloth, making sure you cover your face and neck. R
What is chamois nail buffer and how is it used?
A chamois buffer gives nails a healthy-looking shine without polish. A natural leather chamois buffer is used with a buffing creme that contains fine grit. Apply a small amount of buffing creme to nai
What are the best styling products to hold my hair in place after I have just had my hair relaxed?
For roller sets, use a setting lotion, like Revlon Lottabody. After drying and styling, keep hair in place with a holding spray, like Luster's Oil Moisturizer Pink Holding Spray. For wrap styles, use
What is the most effective way to clean normal skin?
For normal skin, avoid extremes—products that are either drying or oily. Wash your face in the morning and before bed with a non-soap cleanser, such as Skin Careapy Foaming Mousse Cleanser or Beyond
I have moderate acne—small pimples and blackheads on my face. Is soap the best cleanser for my skin?
Many dermatologists believe that the best way to cleanse acne-prone skin is with a mild soapless or non-soap cleanser. Try Beyond Belief ABH Deep Pore Oil Free Foaming Cleanser, with alpha and beta hy
My hair is dry, damaged and has broken off. Can I do anything to get it back on track?
It is possible to improve the look, feel and manageability of your abused tresses with conditioners and moisturizers. Try washing hair once a week, using a conditioning shampoo such as Motions At Home
There are so many hairdressings. How do I know which one is right for me?
It all depends on why you use a hairdressing. If all you want is a healthy sheen, a sheen spray is the best choice. It moisturizes, but does not hold. Lotion from hairdressings moisturize and add some
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