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My skin burns and sometimes itches while my stylist is perming my hair. What is the reason, and what should my stylist do?
It is possible that your scalp has become pre-sensitized to wave solutions because of the pre-perm treatments. Let your stylist know to give you just one mild pre-perm shampoo and to keep scalp massag
Do I need to use separate self-tanning products on my face and my body?
It's not necessary to use separate products. Savage Bronze Sunless Tanning Mousse produces a perfect tan on both face and body.
How do I remove my nail tips without tearing my natural nail?
To avoid damaging your nails, it's always best to have nail tips removed at the salon by a nail tech.
I color my hair. Can I color my eyebrows too?
Eyebrows can be tinted. However, because proper formula and technique are essential, this is a procedure that should be done by professionals.
My hair is thin and fine. Is there a conditioner what will make my hair look fuller?
Look for a volumizing conditioner or a thickening condtioner. Both are formulated to give hair maximum volume.
Does the temperature of the water I use to wash/rinse my hair affect how long my hair color will last?
Use warm-to-tepid water to rinse the hair to protect your hair color.
I will be doing a lot of television appearances and want to have my hair colored. What should my stylist do so that my hair color appears natural on television under the bright studio lights?
Television studio lights can make hair color look more intense. Red tones are particularly intensified by this type of lighting. Your stylist should keep this in mind when selecting a hair color.
Several weeks after I have had my hair colored, my ends start to lighten. Can I darken the ends without having my hair completely recolored?
Your stylist could darken the ends of your hair with a demi-permanent hair color . This type of color deposits color and lasts for up to 24 shampoos. Choose a shade slightly lighter than what you want
Can I use the same sunscreen on my face and on my body?
You can use the same formula or you can use two different ones. For a great face and body sunscreen, try Beyond Belief Anti-Wrinkle Sun Protection SPF 15 or Beyond Belief Anti-Wrinkle Sun Protection S
My stylist uses a heat lamp to dry my hair. What can I use at home to get the same effect?
ionic ceramic dryer with a diffuser attachment will achieve the same effect as a heat lamp. A diffuser is perfect for drying curls without creating frizz.
How close should I hold my blow dryer to my hair?
Hold the dryer 8 to 10 inches away from your hair to remove moisture, and 4 to 6 inches from hair when styling. Keep the dryer moving to prevent heat damage.
Will my acrylic nails yellow like my natural nails when exposed to sunlight?
Generally, nail extensions yellow in the sunlight as a result of the type of base coat or topcoat used on the nail. A base coat or topcoat that contains a UV (Ultraviolet) inhibitor will prevent yello
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