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My nails won't grow past my finger tips without breaking off. Would nail extensions be a good solution?
Today, nail extensions can accommodate all lifestyles. Nail extensions are not thick and do not have to be worn long. Today, a more natural look is appealing. There are many different types of extensi
What is the best nail length for someone with short fingers?
Nail length has a lot to do with personal preference as well as lifestyle. People with short fingers normally have smaller nail beds, so a short or medium length will look best.
Will color-enhancing shampoos stain my skin or fingernails?
Some color-enhancing shampoos may temporarily stain skin or fingernails. Washing your hands with soap and water and using hand cream should remove any stains.
Can fingernails and toenails get sunburned?
No, natural fingernails and toenails do not get sunburned. However polished nails can turn yellow and discolor in the sun. To protect your manicure and pedicure—especially light-color shades— use a UV
Whenever I color my hair, I end up getting the hair color under my fingernails. What will remove this dark stain?
A hair color stain remover will remove stains under your nails or around the hairline. For coloring hair at home, use protective gloves.
What should I do if nail glue gets on my skin?
In a pinch, you can use acetone polish remover or run hot water where skin has glue. If your fingers are glued together, DO NOT pull them apart.
How should I correctly massage shampoo on my scalp?
To cleanse and stimulate your scalp, use your finger tips, never fingernails, to work shampoo onto the scalp. You can also use a professional massage brush, such as Mon Image Shampoo Massager #1198.
Why are there white spots on my natural nails?
White spots are calcium deposits in the nail, usually caused by hitting the nail or smashing the nail in a door.
What should I use cut acrylic nail tips?
It is best to use acrylic nail nippers on all artificial nails.
Can sculptured nails be applied over nail tips?
Yes. This process is commonly referred to as a nail tip with a sculpture or acrylic overlay.
How do I remove my nail tips without tearing my natural nail?
To avoid damaging your nails, it's always best to have nail tips removed at the salon by a nail tech.
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