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If I wear nail extensions for a long period of time will it ruin my natural nails?
Wearing nail extensions that are maintained regularly by a nail tech won't ruin your natural nails. Improper application, improper maintenance, and most important, the improper removal of nail extensi
How do I remove my nail tips without tearing my natural nail?
To avoid damaging your nails, it's always best to have nail tips removed at the salon by a nail tech.
What are the pros and cons for having acrylic nails?
Acrylic nails, in most cases, are the strongest semi-permanent nail extensions available. All nail extensions require proper application and regular maintenance by a professional nail tech. If acrylic
My sculptured nails chip easily at the free edge. Why?
While there's no way to know for sure, your sculptured nails may be too long or too thin on the ends for your lifestyle. Talk to your nail tech about having them coated a little thicker or filed a lit
I wear extensions, but they keep lifting. What's wrong?
Lifting can be caused by several things, from improper application to improper care. For example, if your nail tech failed to use an antiseptic to clean, sanitize and dehydrate the natural nail before
How many coats of polish are best for a perfect manicure?
For best performance, most nail techs start with base coat, then apply two coats of nail polish and a topcoat.
How can I give myself a salon-perfect manicure at home?
To get a salon-perfect manicure, you'll have to visit your nail tech! To approximate a professional manicure at home, follow these steps. Remove any old polish. Trim and file nails to the desired leng
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