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I live in a humid climate and my braided styles tend to frizz. What can I do to help the frizziness?
Try a braid spray such as Sheenique Braid Spray or a hair glosser like Ion Anti Frizz Glosser or Aphogee Gloss Therapy.
I live on the Gulf Coast, and it is so humid my curls turn to frizz. What can I do?
Use an anti-frizz glosser to smooth and seal the cuticle and prevent hair from turning frizzy. For optimum results, apply to wet hair and comb through evenly.
I have strawberry blonde hair and want to bring out the natural red highlights. What should I do?
To enhance your natural red highlights, try using a color enhancing shampoo in a red shade or a color glosser for red hair.
Should shiners be applied on the hair or at the roots?
Shiners or glossers are usually best when applied sparingly, starting an inch or two away from the roots and brushed or combed through to the ends to help seal the hair shaft and minimize split ends.
My long hair is dull near the ends. What can I use to give it more shine?
Spray-on shiners or glossers work best on long hair because you can easily direct them to dry, troubled areas, such as the ends or near the hair line. They are also easy to distribute through the hair
I have naturally curly hair. How can I keep it from turning to frizz in high humidity?
Moisture and humidity tend to make curly hair frizz, so lock out moisture with an water-free, silicone based oil-free glosser. Rub a few squirts into palms of hands. Starting at ends, work through hai
No matter how much pomade, hairspray, gel or mousse I put in my hair it remains dull. What can I use to make my hair shiny?
Applying certain hairstyling products to the hair can add luster. However, too much of a good thing can cause dull hair. For beautiful, shiny hair, shampoo with a deep-cleansing shampoo or clarifying
I've been using a glosser, but it makes my hair look greasy. How can get the shine without the greasy look?
Glossing or shine products should be used sparingly. The amount needed varies with the the thickness and texture of the hair. Try using a lightweight anti-frizz shine spray and hold the can about eigh
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