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Why do shampoos formulated for blonde, gray, white or highlighted hair have a violet tone?
The reason shampoos for blonde or gray hair contain a little violet color is because violet helps to counteract unwanted brassy yellow tones in blonde, gray, white or highlighted hair.
What do herbs do for my hair and scalp?
Herbal extracts that benefit hair and scalp include anticeptic peppermint and rosemary, which stimulate and refresh hair and scalp; lavender and chamomile, which soothe and relax the scalp. Try Aura P
I have light blonde hair. Will a color-enhancing shampoo work for me?
If you want to add a veil of golden color, try a gold formula shampoo, but you want to balance brassy tones, try a shampoo for blondes with a violet base.
What can I do to correct "brassiness"?
Brassy tones can result from sun exposure or chlorine. The simplest solution may be to use a blue or violet-based shampoo for blondes to neutralize the brassiness. Your stylist may use permanent hair
I have gray hair which tends to look dingy. How do I take the yellow out?
You need to use a highlighting shampoo which contains vegetable dyes that tone down yellow. These shampoos can minimize that brassy, yellow look with a gentle cool blue or violet base color. Try using
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