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Why do shampoos formulated for blonde, gray, white or highlighted hair have a violet tone?
The reason shampoos for blonde or gray hair contain a little violet color is because violet helps to counteract unwanted brassy yellow tones in blonde, gray, white or highlighted hair.
I have light blonde hair. Will a color-enhancing shampoo work for me?
If you want to add a veil of golden color, try a gold formula shampoo, but you want to balance brassy tones, try a shampoo for blondes with a violet base.
What can I do to correct "brassiness"?
Brassy tones can result from sun exposure or chlorine. The simplest solution may be to use a blue or violet-based shampoo for blondes to neutralize the brassiness. Your stylist may use permanent hair
Blond Brilliance
Blond Brilliance Sally Beauty is "the blonding destination" with all the tools necessary for blonde hair. Imparting the ultimate blond experience with fast, easy and conditioning formulations that
I have gray hair which tends to look dingy. How do I take the yellow out?
You need to use a highlighting shampoo which contains vegetable dyes that tone down yellow. These shampoos can minimize that brassy, yellow look with a gentle cool blue or violet base color. Try using
I would like to enhance my own natural hair color. What highlighting shampoos are available, and what do they do?
These shampoos have color added in the form of vegetable dyes that tone to the hair. They are designed to highlight or add depth to hair color, or provide a specific shading effect. Read the labels to
Ion Blonde Solutions
Ion Blonde Solutions Blonde Solutions moisturize, refresh, and intensifies blonde hair without color deposit. Each item is enriched with Coconut oil to help intensify shine, refresh and rejuvenat
How do color-enhancing shampoos work?
Color-enhancing shampoos shampoos contain deposit-only dyes that coat the the hair, giving it a temporary color boost. They are available in blonde, red and brunette shades.
Can color-enhancing shampoos help maintain highlights, whether from color added to the hair or the sun's natural highlights?
Yes. Color-enhancing shampoos come in a variety of shades to complement all hair colors. Try Hask Stay Red Shampoo or Hask Stay Blonde Shampoo.
I am an African-American with gray hair. Is there a product that will help reduce the yellowish tones?
Try using one of the shampoos designed to reduce yellow or brassy tones in gray hair, such as Jheri Redding Shiny Silver conditioning Shampoo or Clairol's Shimmer Lights.
I hate the smell from relaxers. How can I minimize this unappealing odor?
Unfortunately, while your hair is being relaxed you can't avoid the odor. However, after relaxing hair, shampooing well with a good neutralizing shampoo, like Textures & Tones Neutralizing Shampoo, Ha
I have strawberry blonde hair and want to bring out the natural red highlights. What should I do?
To enhance your natural red highlights, try using a color enhancing shampoo in a red shade or a color glosser for red hair.
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