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What type of hair tool can be used to give me the same effect as a roller?
If you are looking for a non-electrical tool, try a round brush with a ceramic or metal core designed to be used with a blow dryer. Round brushes are available in a variety of barrel sizes to achieve
What are those round balls on the bristles of my hair brush?
The round balls are epoxy ball-tips. The brush is dipped into the epoxy which creates the tiny balls. They help the brush glide through the hair more easily and prevent abrasions to the scalp, breakin
How should my toenails be trimmed? Straight or rounded?
To prevent ingrown toenails, trim and file toenails straight across and never too short.
What brush is the best for a flip or pageboy?
To turn the ends of your hair over or under, use a round brush. Use a small barrel round brush for more curl; use large barrel brush for gentle curves.
My eyes protrude. How can I make them appear to recede?
To set your eyes back, use a dark eye shadow on your eyelids. If your eyes are large or round, line your eyes with an eye pencil first.
In cold weather my lips become dry and chapped. Should I apply a lip balm under my lipstick?
Don't just use them in the winter, lip balms protect and condition lips year-round and create a great base for lipstick.
Does where you live affect your susceptibility to damage from sun exposure?
If you live in an area of year-round sun exposure or at a high altitude where sunlight is more intense, you may sustain more damage due to sun exposure. If you live in such an area, be vigilant about
My new perm is too curly. What can I do to relax it a little?
First, condition hair immediately, then blow-dry hair using a large round brush. You may also need to set hair on large rollers. If your perm is still too curly, ask you stylist about a curl reducing
What is the best method to remove hair from the nose and ears?
Nose hair should be clipped with round-tipped facial hair scissors or a battery-operated nose hair trimmer. Nose hairs should not be waxed! Ear hairs can be waxed or tweezed, but it is quite uncomfort
What is Photoaging?
"Photoaging" refers to the skin damage often associated with aging but actually incurred through sun exposure. Exposure to ultraviolet light causes the skin to thicken, resulting in a "leathery" appea
What's the best way to apply eye liner?
First, consider the type of look you're after. Pencil eyeliner gives eyes soft definition, while liquid liner offers precision and drama. If you're using a pencil, sharpen it first with a cosmetic pen
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