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In winter I use hand lotion but my hands are still rough and red. Any suggestions?
Hands tend to get more rough and red in the winter because the combination of indoor heat and dry cold tend to make conditions dryer than at any other time of the year. Apply a super-moisturizing hand
What is a pumice stone?
Pumice is a light, porous stone, formed by the escape of steam from cooling volcanic lava. Pumice stones can be used to remove rough, dry, skin or calluses after the skin has been softened in warm wat
I think my perm is over-processed. What can I do!
If hair is excessively curly, hard to comb when wet, fuzzy textured and rough feeling when dry, it has been over-processed. In extreme cases, the hair is matted, making it very difficult to comb and s
I have dark African-American skin, but my knees and elbows often look ashy. What can I do?
Try using a deep moisturizer and conditioner that nourishes dry, rough skin, such as Beyond Belief Cocoa & Shea Body Butter , enriched with a conditioning blend of natural butters and botanical extra
What is the best way to remove calluses and rough, dry skin from my feet?
To remove dry skin and calluses, give yourself a spa pedicure at home. Start with Heel to Toe Invigorating Foaming Foot Soak, so soften dry skin and calluses. Follow with Heel to Toe Exfoliating & Po
Which types of combs and brushes are best for African-American hair?
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