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Which curling iron is best for achieving wavy results?
To create soft waves, use a large-barrel spring iron. The bigger the barrel, the softer the curl will be. Try a 1", 1-1/2", or a 2". For romantic ripple waves, try a triple barrel waver. This iron cre
Is there a special hot styling tool that creates waves, rather than curls?
Yes! A triple barrel wave iron creates romantic, rippled waves. To use it, simply, section hair in layers and work with one-inch to two-inch sections. Place the iron horizontally; press and hold for a
What is the best curling iron size to use for black hair?
Size depends on the length of hair, the desired fullness or tightness of curl. Use larger-barrel irons (1" - 1-1/2") for longer hair, volume, waves and looser curl. Use smaller-barrel irons (1/2" - 1"
Which is better for fine, thin hair, hot rollers or a curling iron?
For everyday use, a ceramic curling iron leaves hair silky and smooth with less damage than traditional curling irons. If you prefer a heat setter for curls or waves with added volume, choose a steam
What is the difference between a hot air styling brush and a curling iron?
A hot air brush works like more like a blow dryer and brush combined, than like a curling iron. Warm air is forced through a vented barrel which has "teeth" to grab the hair and style while drying. H
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