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--> LUXHAIR Sherri ShepardTM LUXHAIRTM NOWTM Wigs now available at Sally Beauty Stores. This wig collection reflects the magnetic personality of Daytime Emmy® Award Winner, Sherri Shepherd&tra
I would like to be a blonde for a day. Is there any way to achieve this?
Just about anything is possible if you go to an experienced salon colorist, but going blonde for a day is not recommended. You can try a temporary spray-on color or purchase a blonde wig.
What are steam rollers and how are they different from hot rollers?
A steam setter uses moisture to lock in curls, while hot rollers use dry heat. The benefit of steam rollers comes from the moisture of the steam. As the steam cools, it evaporates and moisturizes the
How often should I shampoo and condition my hair?
Every 7 to 10 days is usually often enough—even if you have extensions, cornrows or dreadlocks. If you work out often or wear a wig, you may need to wash your hair more frequently. In this case, a goo
I love the latest hairstyles with large French twists, banana rolls and upsweeps. Is there any way I can get my medium-length hair to resemble these styles without investing in a hair weave or buying a wig?
The fastest and easiest way to look like you have hair long enough for many of these popular styles is to purchase a hair ratt. Popular in the 1930s and 1940s, a hair ratt is a lightweight, soft plast
Wet Brush
Wet Brush The Wet Brush may look like an ordinary hair brush, but with just one use, women, men, and children will learn why it’s the world’s best detangling brush. Used on wet or dry hair,
Cinderella Hair
Cinderella Hair For over 20 years Cinderella Hair Extensions, based in Santa Fe Springs California has been offering quality products from hair extensions to maintenance products designed to furt
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