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Is there a relaxer that can remove or loosen natural or chemically induced curls?
Sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide relaxers can loosen natural curls or chemcially induced curls. When relaxing chemically induced curls, you should always consult a professional.
How can I enhance my eyes and still have a soft, natural look?
For a soft, natural look, try using eye shadow instead of eye liner. Apply it as close to your lash line as you can, then softly blend it with a smudge brush. Finish with a coat of a mascara.
How often should my acrylic nails be maintained?
This varies from ten days to three weeks, depending on your preference, the growth of your natural nails and how hard you are on the nails.
Is there a special technique to using an eyebrow pencil?
For best results, sharpen your eyebrow pencil before using it and apply it with light strokes give a more natural look. You can also blend the pencil with a stiff brow brush.
Are facial scrubs containing natural ingredients better than scrubs containing synthetic grains?
Some skin experts believe that man-made cleansing grains, specifically designed for exfoliation, are gentler on skin than the natural ingredients often used, such as crushed apricot kernels, walnut sh
How can I best fill in sparse areas in my eyebrows?
You can fill in your brows with light strokes of eyebrow pencil, or you can use an eye shadow in a shade that matches your natural hair color and apply it with a stiff brush.
I've read that permanent hair color is the best choice for hair with more than 40% gray. How can I tell how much gray I have?
Look in the mirror and check both the back and the front of your hair. If your natural pigment predominates you probably have less than 40% gray, but if your hair looks mostly gray, you probably have
My lips are very full. How can I minimize them?
Full lips are considered beautiful! But if you want to minimize full lips, try using a lip pencil to line the inside of your natural lip line before applying a lipstick or lip gloss in a shade that is
Even though my hair is naturally blonde, I have dark roots. What can be done to blend my dark roots with the rest of my natural hair color?
Natural dark roots can look great with blonde hair, but if you want more uniform color, your stylist can apply large patches of highlighting at the roots to blend them with the rest of your hair. Afte
My eyebrows need shaping. Are there any guidelines?
Nature provides each of us with the right brow shape. While brows often need grooming, it's best not to radically alter the natural contour of your eyebrows. Use professional-quality tweezers to remo
Can have my hair colored, but keep some of the gray?
There are many ways gray can be blended into the hair. Your stylist may color only some strands of hair either darker or lighter, using foil or a cap. You could also try a semi-permanent haircolor or
Will color-enhancing shampoos create a noticable color difference?
Color-enhancing shampoosare formulated to emphasize the natural highlights of your hair or to help maintain the brightness and tone of color-treated hair. They are not designed to cover gray or lighte
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