BeLissPRO Curl Genius Professional Curl Machine

By BeLissPRO

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BeLissPRO Curl Genius Professional Curl Machine
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  • Titanium curl chamber for smooth curling action and shiny hair
  • Smart Tech® Safeguard and Energy Saver
  • Three time settings (8, 10, 12 seconds)
  • Two heat settings for long-lasting results
  • On/Off switch with indicator light
  • Professional 8-ft. power cord

Learn Even More!  Click On The Video Tab To Watch How The Curl Genius Works.

Get ready for a new kind of genius - Curl Genius from BelissPro®. It’s a revolutionary way to create curls – a tool that automatically forms one perfect curl after another, on any hair length or texture. Effortless. Quick. Amazing! Hair goes in. Curl comes out….



The BeLissPRO® Curl Genius Professional Curl Machine automatically draws the hair strand into the Titanium Curl Chamber. Once inside, it is held, heated and perfectly timed. Open the handles to release a beautiful curl and repeat for consistently gorgeous results. Curl Genius is suitable for all hair textures.



The BeLissPRO® Curl Genius Professional Curl Machine lets you control temperature and time, providing the flexibility to form loose waves or more curls. It even signals when it’s time to release the curl, so perfect results are foolproof. Instant heat up and recovery, up to 430°F. produces curl after curl with consistently flawless results. Create BEAUTIFUL curls!


Other features include Smart Tech® Safeguard and Energy Saver with Auto Shutoff, Sleep Mode and Motion Sensor. Three time settings(8, 10, 12 seconds) with audio beep indicator for different curl effects and two heat settings (390°F/430°F) for long-lasting results.

Curl Genius can be used on any type of real hair, whether it comes out of your head naturally or is attached with extensions. Straight or wavy; it’s all good. DO NOT use with synthetic hair of any kind.


  •  ALWAYS position the Curl Genius with the open part of the curl chamber facing toward the head.
  • Insert hair section into the “V” portion of the curling chamber. Ensure the hair section is straight and placed neatly through the center of the styler.
  • It always helps (especially with wavy hair) to comb through the section of hair that is about to be curled before placing it in the curling chamber.
  • For best results, use a section of hair that is not too wide. We recommend up to 1.5” wide for straight hair and 1” for wavy or heavily textured hair.
  • For longer hair (below the shoulders),use a smaller section to make sure that the curling chamber is not overloaded.
  •  Release the handles to let the curl free and gently pull the Curl Genius away from the head. NOTE: If you pull away before you open the handles, the curl will be straightened out.
  • If, for any reason, too much hair is drawn into the curling chamber, Curl Genius is smart! The machine will stop and the curling motor will reverse. Simply re-do with a narrower section of hair.

Choose a time setting (8, 10, or 12 seconds), Curl Genius will start counting when you close the handles and then beep at regular intervals while the curl is being formed – 3X for 8 seconds, 4X for 10 seconds, 5X for 12 seconds. The machine will then signal four beeps in quick succession when timing is complete.


Use less time and/or lower heat for fine hair; more time/higher heat for thicker, textured hair.More time/higher heat will also yield the boldest, longest-lasting curls. Smaller sections of hair will give tighter spirals; larger sections (more hair) will yield gentler waves.


SMART TECH® Curl Genius comes with 3 functions for added safety and energy savings:


Auto Shut Off: If the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes continuously, it will automatically switch off. If you wish to continue using the appliance, simply slide the switch to off position and then slide the switch to the relevant setting to turn the power on. Sleep Mode: After 20 minutes of idle time, the temperature drops to around 300°F/150°C. Motion Sensor: Move the iron and close it to trigger the reheat to set temperature.

BeLissPRO Curl Genius Professional Curl Machine 4.2 5 45 47
Curl Genius The curl genius has an incredibly appropriate name. This thing is awesome! It leaves such perfect curls! It does take some practice at first, but it's totally awesome while you got the routine down! August 7, 2014
Bad idea for fine hair I have been growing my hair out for a couple of years, and I have not been using hot tools of any sort more than a dozen or so times in that time frame. I decided the curl genius would be a great way to change my look occasionally while I wait for my hair to be long enough to donate. Mistake! I will say, it was easy to use, and I had no problems with it tangling, however, it made a rattling noise the first time I used it, and I probably should have known something was wrong, but I used it on about 1/2 of my hair, on the lowest heat setting, for the shortest time frame, and it burned several inches of my hair off. I'm not kidding. I had no issues returning it, but the employees at the store couldn't believe the difference,. I didn't finish my head, of course, but now I have to cut my hair off, and start all over. It did curl nicely, and perhaps my hair is too fine for such a tool, but be warned. If your hair is fine like mine, you should take extra caution! July 19, 2014
Worth it I love this thing. My hair is hard to hold a curl so I end up getting perms twice a year. This machine not only curls my hair, but the curls hold up all week! I wash and curl my hair on the weekend and then just touch up a few curls every other day and my curls stay the whole work week. It does take a little practice with it, but watching YouTube videos helped a lot. I hardly ever get my hair caught in it anymore and have always been able to get my hair out of it when it does. I can't live without this. If it ever goes on clearance, I will buy them up so I don't end up without one! June 9, 2014
Curl Genius It works just as advertised. Not being a professional, it took me a little time to learn how to use it efficiently - due to the shape & weight. But, definitely worth it. May 18, 2014
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