Gel Permanent Tube Hair Color 7WV Nutmeg
Color Charm Gel Permanent Hair Color




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  • 7WV Nutmeg
  • 5WV Cinnamon
  • 7W Caramel
  • 6W Praline
  • 5WR Allspice
  • #1001T/10N Satin Blonde
  • 1120/12AA Nordic Blonde
  • 148/3A Dark Ash Brown
  • 237/4A Medium Ash Brown
  • 257/4G Dark Golden Brown
  • 356T/4R Cinnamon Brown
  • #507T/5RV burgundy
  • #632T Medium Ash Blonde
  • 810/7R Red-Red
  • 12NG Surfside Blonde Plus
  • 7NG Medium Beige Blonde
  • 8NG Light Beige Blonde
  • 9NG Sand Blonde
  • 1036/10GV Honey Blonde
  • #1200/12N Blonde Claire
  • 1210/12A Frosty Ash
  • 1290/12C Ultra Light Blonde
  • 211/2N Very Dark Brown
  • 246/5A Light Ash Brown
  • #311/3N Dark Brown
  • #367/3RV Black Cherry
  • #411/4N Medium Brown
  • 435/5G Light Golden Brown
  • #445 Light Auburn
  • 511/5N Light Brown
  • 542/6AA Ash Blonde
  • #555 Hazel Blonde
  • #607/6RV Cyclamen
  • 611/6N Dark Blonde
  • 711/7N Medium Blonde
  • #725 Sunlit Brown
  • #729/8RG Titian Red Blonde
  • 740.5/8A Light Ash Blonde
  • #811/8N Light Blonde
  • 841/8G Light Golden Blonde
  • 911/9N Very Light Blonde
  • 940/9A Pale Ash Blonde
  • 6R Red Terra Cotta
  • 051/1N Black
  • 643/7WR Tan Blonde
  • 672T/7A Medium Smoky Ash Blonde
  • 1030/10A Palest Ash Blonde
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  • 7WV Nutmeg
    Color 7WV Nutmeg5WV Cinnamon7W Caramel6W Praline5WR Allspice#1001T/10N Satin Blonde1120/12AA Nordic Blonde148/3A Dark Ash Brown237/4A Medium Ash Brown257/4G Dark Golden Brown356T/4R Cinnamon Brown#507T/5RV burgundy#632T Medium Ash Blonde810/7R Red-Red12NG Surfside Blonde Plus7NG Medium Beige Blonde8NG Light Beige Blonde9NG Sand Blonde1036/10GV Honey Blonde#1200/12N Blonde Claire1210/12A Frosty Ash1290/12C Ultra Light Blonde211/2N Very Dark Brown246/5A Light Ash Brown#311/3N Dark Brown#367/3RV Black Cherry#411/4N Medium Brown435/5G Light Golden Brown#445 Light Auburn511/5N Light Brown542/6AA Ash Blonde#555 Hazel Blonde#607/6RV Cyclamen611/6N Dark Blonde711/7N Medium Blonde#725 Sunlit Brown#729/8RG Titian Red Blonde740.5/8A Light Ash Blonde#811/8N Light Blonde841/8G Light Golden Blonde911/9N Very Light Blonde940/9A Pale Ash Blonde6R Red Terra Cotta051/1N Black643/7WR Tan Blonde672T/7A Medium Smoky Ash Blonde1030/10A Palest Ash Blonde

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Additional Information

  • Long-lasting, fade reistant results
  • Excellent gray coverage
  • Results are true to tone

Wella Color Charm Permanent Gel Haircolor provides the speed of liquid, conditioning and convenience of cream. Vibrant, long lasting, fade resistant results with Gelfuse™ Technology that saturates, penetrates and fuses with the hair to deliver vibrant color that is exceptionally fade resistant. Excellent gray coverage that covers the most resistant grays. Very predictable, the color you want is always the color you get. Versatility of use – bowl and brush or bottle and a translucent mixture for better control.


Economical 1:2 mix ratio. Each tube makes 6 oz. of hair color which is enough color for long, thick hair. Up to two retouch applications in each tube and up to 50% more color than its closest competitor.

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