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Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Purple Passion

By Beyond the Zone


Size: 4.2 oz.
Quantity: One
Color: Purple Passion
Sally Item # SBS-140364
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Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color is fun and vibrant color that is quick and easy to apply.


Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Purple Passion
Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Purple Passion



  • Tripped Up Turquoise
  • Crimson Storm
  • Wild Red
  • Purple Passion
  • Not So Shy Violet
  • Party Time Pink
  • Raspberry Kamikazie
  • Huckleberry Blue
  • Bubble Head Pink

Additional Information

  • Shine-enhancing semi-permanent hair color
  • Vivid bright hues
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Exciting shades

Go wild and get crazy with Beyond The Zone's semi-permanent hair color! Get bright, vivid, vibrant color that is quick and easy to apply. Control the intensity of the tone by mixing and matching shades to create your own signature color. Now you can become an artist by creating fashionable hair art by combining colors to create an unlimited shade palette.
Pre-lighten hair with Beyond The Zone Radical Bleach kit to a pale yellow blonde using desired application. Process according to directions, rinse thoroughly, and towel dry.


Pour desired amount of Beyond the Zone Color Jamz Semi-Permanent Hair Color into a non-metallic bowl. With gloved hands, apply directly to the hair using a tint brush or comb. Do Not apply to the scalp. Process 10-20 minutes depending on desired intensity.


For more intense, longer lasting color heat may be used. After processing, rinse until the water runs clear.
For more intense color, pre-lighten hair. Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color can be for streaking and chunking or for an all-over application. Use petroleum jelly around hair line to keep skin from staining. For brighter, longer-lasting color, use heat while processing Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color.
Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color 3 5 166 167
Not-So-Shy-Violet Doesnt Work!!! I just bought this product today with my sister. We spent 90 minutes putting the dye in both our hairs. We gave the dye 30 minutes to set and then rinsed, not shampooed or conditioned. My sister and I let our hair air dry. About an hour of drying, we check the mirror. No dye. I have more dye on my hands and feet from rinsing the dye out my hair than in my hair. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! Go to a salon and spend the money. Yes, this product was cheap to buy, but come on! Work a little! July 14, 2014
Terrible! I would not recommend this product to anyone unless you have platinum blonde hair. I bleached my hair to a light blonde and the color still did not stay. I used one bottle and left it on for about 45 minutes and it washed right out. I used another bottle, and it looked way better! but i took a shower, didn't even wash my hair with shampoo or anything and the color came right out. Now i'm left with patches of swampy green, dark teal and pale greens. It looks terrible! You totally get what you pay for. July 6, 2014
HORRIBLE! Don't waist your money! I used this brand for my first time trying ''unnatural'' colors. It was horrible! The first time I used it I had to bleach my hair (duh) then I waited 24 hours to add the dye. I left t in for about a hour then rinsed....It did NOT leave a single trace of the color! I had to dye it 4 MORE times, to get a sickly puke green! (I wanted Turquoise Blue!) After about a week the color got worse and worse. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from this company again! I should have listened to the majority of reviews. DO NOT THINK IT WILL TURN OUT DIFFERENTLY IN YOUR HAIR!! June 21, 2014
Didn't work well don't use! turned my ends blue left the top green! June 8, 2014
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