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Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink

By Beyond the Zone


Size: 4.2 oz.
Quantity: One
Color: Bubble Head Pink
Sally Item # SBS-140376


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Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color is fun and vibrant color that is quick and easy to apply.


Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink
Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink



  • Tripped Up Turquoise
  • Crimson Storm
  • Wild Red
  • Purple Passion
  • Not So Shy Violet
  • Party Time Pink
  • Raspberry Kamikazie
  • Huckleberry Blue
  • Bubble Head Pink

Additional Information

  • Shine-enhancing semi-permanent hair color
  • Vivid bright hues
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Exciting shades

Go wild and get crazy with Beyond The Zone's semi-permanent hair color! Get bright, vivid, vibrant color that is quick and easy to apply. Control the intensity of the tone by mixing and matching shades to create your own signature color. Now you can become an artist by creating fashionable hair art by combining colors to create an unlimited shade palette.
Pre-lighten hair with Beyond The Zone Radical Bleach kit to a pale yellow blonde using desired application. Process according to directions, rinse thoroughly, and towel dry.


Pour desired amount of Beyond the Zone Color Jamz Semi-Permanent Hair Color into a non-metallic bowl. With gloved hands, apply directly to the hair using a tint brush or comb. Do Not apply to the scalp. Process 10-20 minutes depending on desired intensity.


For more intense, longer lasting color heat may be used. After processing, rinse until the water runs clear.
For more intense color, pre-lighten hair. Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color can be for streaking and chunking or for an all-over application. Use petroleum jelly around hair line to keep skin from staining. For brighter, longer-lasting color, use heat while processing Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color.
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Works great!! I have this in 3 colors. I have not had any trouble with this product at all. Yes- it is a bit messy--but come on--if you are going to die your hair..gloves-- old towels and old clothes are a must people!! Now i haven't dyed my whole head with this product-- just about 4-5 peek a boo's and streeks in my bangs. I do use ION COLOR BRILLIANCE AFTER COLOR TREATMENT. I just apply it to the colored streaks and leave on for about 10 min. I also use shampoo and conditioner for colored treated hair too.. since i do color it a blond to cover my grey..(44yrs. old). the color lasts in my hair! i colored blue streaks in my hair for my daughters AUTISM AWARENESS VOLLEYBALL GAME back on sept is Oct. 31st. and it is still in there!..a little lighter yes, i used the dark blue, so now it is more of a baby blue.. but still can see it very well. October 31, 2014
I needed a blue dye that was cheap and fast so I bought Huckleberry Blue. Mostly because mine was faded and since I was touching up my roots and current dye. Well, after bleaching my roots, I left part of my bangs alone and dyed the rest. I mixed it with my pink dye to make purple for one half my hair. Did ok. So I go on to one part of my bangs. I mixed it with conditioner because I don't like really dark blue. I tested it, didn't stick. Thought putting more of the dye in the mix would work. After an hour and half, it did not work great. The parts that were still blue did decent, but the roots turned blonde-white/light lavender. Not what I expected, but I should have at this price. I've been dying my hair for almost 2 years now. Yes, blue is tricky with blonde parts, but it's doable. And yes, I did let my hair dry out. No, there was no conditioner. Haha. I'm not saying Sally is at fault. It's the maker. But I do think Sally should discontinue selling this. Especially if many people get somewhat the same result. :/ Never getting this brand again. I'll try Ion Brilliance next time. Hope this helps anyone! September 11, 2014
not what was expected. after using ion brilliance brights, i decided to try a different color... after lightening it 3 times in the past 2 months to get the ion out, i was finally able to use it. I picked up the purple passion, because it was the closest to the color i wanted. it smells great, and one bottle covered my whole head ( and i have thick semi long hair) but the color was more subtle then what i was expecting, i never mixed it with anything either.. and after 2 washes the color faded to a greyish-lilac color and really doesnt look good at all.. im not impressed at all with this product and wont be re purchasing it.. August 27, 2014
Quick colour that might stain I have been dyeing my hair with semi-permanent colour for 20 months now, and here are my two cents. I used Candy Apple Red and another shade of dark pink - I can't remember which, but neither appear on this site - last summer, and I enjoyed the vibrancy as well as the fading time, which is about two weeks, or half the time Manic Panic lasts. This way, it's easy to switch up colours - though be forewarned, you need to follow the colour spectrum and choose a similar colour if you want to avoid the colour cancelling out. From red, to purple, to blue, and so on. The smell is pleasant, though I am sensitive to scents and it did last for days, which was a con. The colour bled when wet, but so do almost all red and pink dyes. It comes off on your hands/clothes/sheets for the first couple of days, but that isn't unusual either. After the second time I used this brand, however (I was finishing up leftover product), I realized my hair was stained what seems to be permanently, as it is still stained to this day. I haven't tried extensively to remove the colour, so I may have more to say on that later, but any colour I put in now always fades out to the same pink. This is not generally that uncommon, however, and other pink dyes in other brands sometimes stain as well (especially roots). To those who had trouble with the colour taking, that can be due to several factors - residue from conditioner or other products can prevent the colour from getting in the hair shaft, or more commonly, the colour cancels out on pre-existing hues, whether from an untoned bleach job or a previous hair colour. Because this product stained my hair, for example, I'm limited with what colours can be dyed over it. The internet has a lot of info on causes and solutions, so do a quick search! It helped me immensely. August 12, 2014
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No. It can go straight on hair.
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