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  1. ;Starting at the front hairline in the center, create a 4x4" diamond section on the top of the head. Prepare a mixture of Blond Brilliance Hair Lightening as per manufacturer's instructions. Take fine slices along the parting of each side of the diamond, apply lightener, and isolate in foil. (photo 1)
  2. ;Create a second inner diamond 1" away from diamond #1.
  3. ;Leaving one half of hair between each foil, repeat slices along diamond #2 partings. Apply lightener encasing the hair into foil as directed in step 1. (photo 2)
  4. ;Once desired level of lift has been achieved, rinse thoroughly, shampoo, and lightly towel dry.
  5. ;Using a zigzag parting, section the entire head into 2 sections with a parting from the top of the ear, through the lower crown to the other ear.
  6. ;Apply Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner Lilac to section 1 and Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner Golden Wheat to section 2. (photo 3)
  7. ;Process 5 minutes up to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, lightly shampoo, and style.