Fade Age Spots

5 ways to diminish age spots and hyperpigmentation.


Age spots are flat, dark spots that appear where the skin has been most exposed to the sun. While age spots are very common in adults over 40, their primary cause is sun exposure. Age spots can be lightened or they can be removed by a physician. However, regular use of sun protection may be the easiest way to keep your skin looking youthful and to avoid dark age spots.


1. To help fade facial age spots and other discolorations, try Claudia Stevens Intensive Lightening Serum, a deep-penetrating lightener. Apply it to effected areas before bed and let this concentrated formula work while you sleep.

2. For lighting hand and body age spots, try Claudia Stevens Hand & Body Toning Cream, a vitamin-enriched lightening cream that helps reduce the appearance of all skin discolorations. Correctionist Age-Reversing Hand Treatment visibly reduces age spots, wrinkles and redness, while reversing skin damage.

3. Even the most difficult discolorations respond to Dermactin-TS Age Spot Brightening Serum. Regular use of this no-nonsense formula will help erase uneven skin tones.

4. Refine your complexion with i-Skin Intelligent Microdermabrasion System. It reduces the appearance of sun damage and pore size as it diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. This system uses the same Corundum crystals used in professional treatments, but suspends them in a hydrating, moisturizing base. Give your skin a microdermabrasion treatment before you apply skin creams or serums to get maximum results.

5. Protect your skin from photo-aging with Correctionist Daily Light Moisturizer SPF 15. It protects skin from both UVA and UVB rays, and it rejuvenates skin with state-of-the-art anti-aging ingredients.