Hope for cracking, peeling, ugly nails
Hope for cracking, peeling, ugly nails
Strengthen, Protect and Repair your nails

Use a hardener to
strengthen nails.
Formula 10 Nail
is a clear,
hardener that seals
& strengthens nails.
Apply two coats to
freshly cleaned nails,
followed by one coat
daily for the next six
days. Remove with
nail polish remover
& repeat.

Choose a polish that
protects. China Glaze
Nail Polish
hardeners for extra
protection & healthy
nail growth. Apply two
coats & follow with
China Glaze Fast
Top Coat
an added layer of
protective armor.

Keep this kit
handy for fast
repairs. The Beauty
Secrets 5-Piece
Manicure Set

contains must-have
nail tools & fits
easily in your
purse. Use the
clippers & folding
file to immediately
mend a torn nail
before further
breakage occurs.

Get strong, healthy nails!
Don't bite your nails. Use gloves while gardening. Don't use your nails as tools!