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Premium Crème from Clairol Professional has a deep-conditioning soy complex formula that delivers amazingly shiny, rich color. 46 dependable, blendable shades. You’ll love the way the results reflect on you.


Model’s Hair:
Natural Level 7 with previous highlights.

STEP 1: Using a virgin application, apply the base formula to the root area. Process 30 minutes. Pull down through ends and process 15 minutes.

STEP 2: Mix Basic White Powder Lightener with 10-volume developer. Create heavy foils at crown in a circular pattern, taking vertical slices and skipping 1/8-inch in between. Process to desired lightness.

Base Formula: 2 oz. Premium Crème 12A mixed with 4 oz. 40-volume Premium Crème Developer.

For Foils: Mix Basic White Powder Lightener with 10-volume Premium Crème Developer.